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NBA: Doncic scores 45 points but is left alone against the Suns. nba 2021

The Dallas Mavericks lost the first game of the West semi-finals despite their leader’s showing.

Luka Doncic, This Monday, Against the Sun.Christian PetersonAFP
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luca donsi 45 points but the Phoenix Suns did not give the Dallas Mavericks a substitute in the first game of this West Semifinal (121-114) on Monday, in one of their most solid performances in the NBA’s these playoffs.

Very serious in defense and completely coral in attack, the Sons left behind some poor Mavericks and those who missed out on the offensive contributions of their secondary actors.

Doncic, unbroken and heavy despite all the defensive form that Sun offered him, remained very close to the triple-double (45 points, 12 rebounds and 8 assists).

but with the exception of maxi kleber (19 points with 5 3-pointers), the rest of the Mavericks attack had a bad night (Jalen Brunson You Spencer Dinwiddie He added only 21 points between the two).

Instead, it was all good news for Sun.

One hundred percent plugged in from start to finish, Phoenix has created a Devin Booker without his injury mark (23 points, 9 rebounds and 8 assists), a deandre ayton who was a titan in the field (25 points and 8 rebounds) and a chris-poly Excellent – once again – on top (19 points).

The only downside of the Sans game? A clumsy end to the match with a 15-29 finish in the final nine minutes that gave the Mavericks a thread of life when the match was already looking doomed.

Despite that stain, the Sons scored 50.5% of their field goals, didn’t miss a single free throw (18 out of 18) and were the master of rebounds (51 out of 36).

The second match between the Sons and the Mavericks will also be played in Phoenix on Wednesday.

Doncic against the world

The Sons entered the game like a steamroller.

with bridges Pressing on Doncic on defense, Phoenix overpowered the Mavericks on a groundbreaking start, dominating all aspects of the game from rebounding to transition (18-6 with 6:09 on the clock).

Brilliant with 13 points in the first quarter, Booker showed signs of a full recovery from his injury, but Dallas was not deterred from the game, 14 points from hard-working Doncic and Kleber (35-25). Three triples.

Benchmark Brunson not only had 0 points in the first quarter against the Jazz during Doncic’s absence, but also added his third foul at the start of the second.

Doncic settled the Mavericks’ offense in the second quarter, either scoring on his own or finding his teammates at 3-pointers as the Suns closed in on him.

The Slovenian finished their first half with 26 points, but the Mavericks’ fear and lack of defensive pressure opened the doors for a more collective and versatile Sun, with Paul very good in direction and Ayton very effective in the field. , and who shot an impressive 63.6% (69-56).

The Mavericks stuck to 3-pointers looking for a comeback in the third quarter, but without improving their defense it looked like an impossible task.

Thus, the volume inside and johnson In the triad he extended a few suns that continued at orbital speeds (96–79).

The final quarter began with two shocking images for opposite reasons.

At first, Kebler left the stadium speechless with a horrific fall on his back after an alleyway, but luckily he recovered without a problem; and shortly after, McGee He stole a ball from Doncic and ran down the court to complete his brilliant move with a dunk.

With their biggest lead of the evening (+21), the Sons were heavily rested and with a small quintet under Doncic allowed the Mavericks to drop to just 6 points in the last minute.

However, Booker took control of the situation and sealed Sun’s victory without much fear.

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