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NBA: Doncic ambush the Suns and the Mavericks close the gap. nba 2021

The Slovenian guard is close to a triple-double (26 points, 13 rebounds and nine assists) in front of his fans and Dallas secures his first win in the series. Embiid comes to the Sixers’ defense against Miami

Doncic celebrates victory over the Sun.Tony GutierrezAP
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Luka Doncic led the first win of the series at the American Airlines Center against the Phoenix Suns (103–94), the best team in the regular stage. It was their third appearance after the Slovenian (26 points, 13 rebounds and 9 assists), only to have a happy ending for his team, as they had the participation of Jalen Brunsson (28 points). The tie is still open and in Dallas, clinging to Doncic, they believe they have the license to dream up the West Finals. Or, at least, to stand, as they already are.

The Mavericks only looked to risk victory when Doncic went on the bench with eight minutes to spare for his fifth individual foul. “I think they called me some fouls that weren’t. It’s a physical game, it’s the playoffs,” lamented Doncic, who didn’t stop protesting the referee’s decisions throughout the duel.

Dallas saw their lead from 17 to 9 points, but Doncic’s return to the court and the Suns’ lack of shooting made it easier for the Mavericks to take the win. For the first time in the series, the Slovenian phenom received solid offensive support from his teammates, especially the point guard. Jalen BrunsonJoe managed to score 28 points and 5 assists.

The Suns’ two stars, on the other hand, were heavily buried in the first game of the series in Dallas. chris-polyOn the day of his 37th birthday, he had 12 points and 4 assists. In a rare performance, the veteran point guard made 7 turnovers, all in the first half, just one short of equaling his long career record.

Squeezed by local defensive intensity, Paul made six turnovers in his first 13 minutes of play, when he averaged just 2.4 per night this season. The Mavericks also included shooting guard Devin Booker, the Phoenix’s main attacking reference, who had 18 points.

“The whole team put up an incredible defense today and that’s how we always want to play,” demanded Doncic. “If we play like this in every match, we will have a chance.”

Embiid comes to the Sixers’ rescue

Embiid celebrates a basket against Miami.Michelle LeffAFP

At the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Joel Embiid came to the Sixers’ defense to seal a 99–79 win over Miami and avoid a 3–0 loss that no team in playoff history has surpassed. The Cameroonian, the season’s top scorer, missed the first two games due to a strong blow to the face from his compatriot Pascal Siakami In the last match against the Raptors.

Pivot has accelerated in recent days to recover from the consequences of the blow, which caused her a concussion and an orbital fracture. Playing with a mask protecting his face, Embiid had 18 points and 11 rebounds and his mere presence on the court completely energized his teammates and fans.

“I tried to push as hard as I could, I’m glad we got the win,” Embiid said of her rehab. Kendra, one of the finalists for the MVP award, said, “I can’t even describe what it was like. Obviously I had a lot of symptoms, but I’m glad I’m able to come back and help these people.” ” Valuable Player) of the season.

Embiid’s contribution to the team on this occasion was more emotionally valuable than the game itself. Defended by brutal Bum Adebayo, pvot barely made 12 shots (5 hits) and lost 4 balls while trying to adapt to play with the mask, which he took off whenever he was sweating.

In addition to head injuries, Embiid is also competing with an injury to his right thumb that will require him to undergo surgery at the end of the course. With Embiid Limited, the Sixers’ aggressive load was taken by young Tyrese Maxi and veteran Danny Green as the top scorer with 21 points.

The Sixers’ victory, however, was based on their improvement in defense and the Heat’s average offensive performance, despite the fact that they were once again experienced. Kyle Lowry, Base went without a score, missing four of his shots, and made 3 assists in 25 minutes. escort Jimmy Butler The only good news was for Miami with 33 points and 9 rebounds.

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