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NBA: Curry’s sidereal last quarter that brought Ricky Rubio’s Cavaliers to their knees | NBA 2021

 NBA: Curry's sidereal last quarter that brought Ricky Rubio's Cavaliers to their knees |  NBA 2021

The Warriors star scored 40 points in the victory over Cleveland (89-104). Golden State trailed by 13 at the start of the final sprint, where Stephen broke loose. The Spanish signs 10 goals

Stephen Curry after scoring a basket.Jason millerAFP
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Stephen Curry it doesn’t take much to break off the chains. The Cavaliers know this well, they encountered the deadliest version of the Warriors star in a memorable fourth quarter. In that final sprint of the game, he scored 20 of his 40 points, before the incredulous gaze of Ricky Rubio (10 points). Curry’s meteoric wrist, who signed up to nine triples, made ashes the 13-point lead (81-68) that the locals had at the start of that last round. For this reason, among other things, Golden State stormed the Cavs’ court (89-104). It will surely take time for the locals to forget the legendary night Stephen ravaged Cleveland.

The Warriors had everything going for them. They came to Cleveland as leaders of the Western Conference, with 12 wins and only two losses. Meanwhile, the Cavaliers were sixth in the Eastern Conference with nine wins and seven losses. The San Francisco team had also won the last eight regular-season games against Cleveland: since December 2016 the Cavs have not beaten the Warriors.

It was Curry who opened the scoring for the Warriors with a triple. The Cavs, with Rubio ordering the game, Darius garland running the baskets and Ed davis dominating under the hoops, they kept the pressure on, increasing the lead to 13 points, 22-9. But with the rotations, Cleveland lost their concentration and the Warriors did not forgive: they punished the locals with a 2-15 run that tied the game at 24-24 with 1.15 minutes remaining in the first quarter. A basket by Rubio and an assist from the Spanish to Kevin Love, who scored a triple, allowed Cleveland’s team to finish the first points ahead, 29-27.

Davis rebounds

In the second quarter, the dynamics were similar, with neither team able to put the ground through on the scoreboard. The Warriors started the second quarter more toned and managed to accumulate a four-point lead, 31-35. But the Cavs reacted and took the lead again thanks to the performance of veteran Davis who rebounded and scored from all positions.

When the break came, the Cavs were three points ahead, 54-51, with Garland as the game’s top scorer with 18 points while Davis was the top rebounder with 13. Curry had 15 points of which 12 were the result of four. triples of seven attempts while his partner Nemanja Bjelica counted 14 points. For his part, Rubio had five points and 3 assists.

Ricky Rubio fights for a ball.Tony DejakAP

Coming from halftime, the Cavs hit the gas with a toned Love and a better scoring hit from Rubio. Love made two of three 3-pointers in the third quarter and scored 11 points. For his part, Rubio made five points, with a triple and a shot of two. The Cleveland team scored a total of 27 points in the third quarter, 10 points more than the Warriors, where Curry could only score five points and Andrew Wiggins, six.

Stephen’s Final Show

With 81-68 on the scoreboard for the Cavs, the fourth quarter began. But the 13-point advantage of the locals quickly dissipated. In less than four minutes, three consecutive triples by Curry and two baskets by Damion Lee they placed a tie, 81-81, on the scoreboard. The defensive pressure of the Warriors, one of the best in the NBA, emptied the Cavs who could only score their first two points of the fourth quarter with 6.30 minutes left in the game.

By then it was too late. Curry, who had “only” scored 20 points in the first three quarters, let go of the wrist and killed all the Cavs’ hopes. The Warriors point guard scored another 20 points in the fourth quarter. Meanwhile, the Cleveland team sank: the Ohio team only had eight points in the last 12 minutes of the game, which sentenced the final score to 89-104.

Recognition to Ricky

Before the start of the match, blond received an award from the NBA in “recognition of his continued efforts to improve the lives of children and families, particularly those impacted by cancer.” It is the fifth time the NBA has awarded a player for his work from the end of the regular season to the start of the following season. In this way, the NBA recognizes the work in Spain and the United States of the Ricky Rubio Foundation to improve the hospital experience of cancer patients and their families. Rubio’s mother was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2012 and died from the disease in 2016.

Rubio said through a statement that he was honored to receive the award and added that “there are many NBA players who are working in their communities and I am fortunate to have been chosen.”

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