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NBA: Curry wakes up on time and leaves the Grizzlies at the edge of the abyss. nba 2021

The Golden State Warriors scored a long-suffering victory (101–98) against Memphis and dominated the Western semifinals 3–1.

Curry celebrates at the end of Game 4 against Memphis.AP

In very tight play, with some thought in the attack and little accuracy in the shot, Stephen Curry I woke up in the sect so that Golden State Warriors He achieved a long-suffering victory (101–98) that leaves memphis grizzlies On the verge of being eliminated in this Western semi-final (3-1).

The Warriors were caught in the grizzlies’ net on Monday, uninjured by the storm of the third game (142-112) ja morento He proposed a sloppy meeting without any rhythm.

For 47 minutes the Grizzlies embroidered it, handcuffing some unfamiliar and very frustrated warriors, but in the end Curry appeared to win a complicated duel for his team, in which They were only ahead in the last 46 seconds,

The point guard scored 18 points in the final quarter and closed his saving performance 32 points, 5 rebounds and 8 assists, Curry also became the first player in NBA history Over 500 triples in the playoffs,

without Morant due to injury but with Dillon Brooks After their one-game suspension, the Grizzlies had references to Jaren Jackson Jr. (21 points and 5 rebounds) and tys jones (19 points, 6 rebounds and 5 assists).

Both teams failed on 3-pointers (the Grizzlies 9 out of 35, the Warriors 9 out of 37), but the visitors were 9 out of 15 on free throws compared to 20 out of 22 for their rivals.

He was not on the local bench due to coronavirus Steve Kerro So the warriors were led by his assistant mike brown, who was announced this Monday as coach of the Sacramento Kings for the next four seasons. Game 5 of this series will be played in Memphis on Wednesday.

short circuit and reaction

very important in the regular season but without weight in the playoffs, adams This was the innovation of the game in Grizzlies determined to attack the paint. Warriors entered the game on the wrong foot and made 6 turnovers in the first 12 minutes.

In any case, neither the Warriors nor the Grizzlies did justice to their enormous offensive potential, and in the first quarter they went 2 for 21 in a triple (20–24). Defense worked at a good level but it was above the ineffectiveness of the attacks which reduced the momentum of a lead match.

This made for the Grizzlies as they continued to lead, but the public came to a halt amid tears and wept bitterly after the first half (38–41). Particularly terrifying was the first of the Warriors, which crashed into a triple (2 out of 20) and lost 11 balls. Warriors under pressure after the restart, with the obligation to revolutionize the match thompson You Wiggins Putting wood in the boiler.

Jackson Jr. I answered honestly in the inside game, but the match was no longer the same as the first half (52-56 with 5.40 to play).

Despite the fact that it seemed that the warriors had everything ready for their own rampage, the San Francisco men, again hit by the onslaught, did not find the spark they needed to set everything on fire, while The Grizzlies, steadfast before the fourth quarter, took an extra gift with a superb triple on midfield and the buzzer Damnation (62-69).

In need of good news, Warriors stick to refreshing 3-pointers porter junior but they continued to withstand intrusions Jones (with 76-82 to go 7.55). Then came Curry, finally inspired by the Warriors and tied the game with two triples. With everything to decide in the final minute, Curry scored two free throws to give the Warriors the first lead (94–93 with 45.7 seconds remaining).

Jackson Jr. missed the next play, Curry hit two more free throws and the Grizzlies put his last shot back on Jackson Jr., who attempted a 3-pointer with 13 seconds left, but was blocked by green Which sealed the victory of the warriors.

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