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NBA: 120-100: A new concert by Antetokounmpo brings back the illusion to the Bucks | NBA 2020

 NBA: 120-100: A new concert by Antetokounmpo brings back the illusion to the Bucks |  NBA 2020

In his second straight game with more than 40 points and 10 rebounds, Antetokounmpo led the Bucks to win the first game at home to reduce the deficit to 2-1 in the Finals.

Antetokounmpo, during the match.AP

With another display of 41 points and 13 rebounds of Giannis Antetokounmpo, the Milwaukee bucks they beat 120-100 on Sunday Phoenix suns and they revived their chances of winning their first NBA ring in half a century.

In his second game in a row with more than 40 points and 10 rebounds, Antetokounmpo I commanded the victory in the first game at the home of the Bucks to reduce the disadvantage to 2-1 in the Finals.

The Greek superstar is the third player in history to add at least 40 points and 10 rebounds in consecutive games in the Finals, after Shaquille O’Neal (2000) and Lebron James (2016).

“We knew what kind of game it was going to be. We knew we had to go back and play good basketball and compete as hard as possible and I just tried to be aggressive,” said the two-time MVP award winner.

The Suns, led by veteran Chris paul (19 points and 9 assists), suffered from the unfortunate night of Devin Booker, which finished with 10 points at 3/14 in field goals.

Milwaukee He will have the opportunity to equalize the tie on his court in the fourth game of the series this Wednesday.

On Sunday, Bucks they hosted their first home game in a Finals since losing to the Boston Celtics in 1974, suffered three years after winning their first and only ring.

With the weight of the two defeats in Phoenix, where they found no antidote to the devastating couple that form Chris paul Y Devin Booker, Milwaukee he was forced to add a win to avoid a 3-0 deficit that no team has overcome in playoff history.

Milwaukee I already came back from a 2-0 defeat in the series against the Brooklyn Nets and was confident of laying the first stone of a new feat in the Fiserv Forum, where they have the best balance of this postseason with 8 wins against only 1 loss.

With a dominator DeAndre Ayton (18 points and 9 rebounds), the Suns controlled the first room in which Milwaukee He got a big scare when, with less than four minutes played, Antetokounmpo he went briefly to the changing room.

The Greek power forward recovered from a time trial from a left knee injury for these Finals and, with his physical game and continuous clashes with opponents, keeps the alerts permanently on in Milwaukee.

To the relief of the 17,000 fans present, Antetokounmpo He soon returned to the track and led a spectacular 20-6 streak for the locals with which they took control of the scoreboard from the second period.

Milwaukee reached the break 15 points up (60-45), his greatest advantage in the whole series, thanks to the pair they form Antetokounmpo Y Middleton, who was reborn on his court with 18 points after the disappointing second game on Thursday.

Disappointing Booker

The Suns they relied on the dominance that exerted Ayton in the painting of the Bucks, with 16 points at the break (7/8 in shots), while Booker, his offensive leader, the lights went out for the first time in this tie.

The young shooting guard, averaging 29 points in his first Finals, missed seven of his first eight shots.

Even so, the success from the outside of the secondary Cam Johnson Y Jae crowder gave one last chance to the Suns approaching six points in the middle of the third quarter when, in full acceleration, Ayton he had to go to the bench when he saw his fourth personal foul.

The Suns they have no warranty replacement for number one of the 2018 Draft after the Croatian’s injury Dario Saric.

Antetokounmpo he refused to be swept in his long-awaited first Finals and took the reins of the game with 16 points in the third quarter.

Amid the jubilation at the Fiserv Forum, Milwaukee capped the streak with a triple Pat connaughton that closed the period with an advantage of 22 points (98-76), after which both coaches reserved their figures thinking about the fourth clash on Wednesday.