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Nadal made his mark against Goffin by saving four match points

Nadal made his mark against Goffin by saving four match points

Play their sixteenth quarterfinal of the tournament by defeating Belgium 6–3, 5–7 and 7–6 (9).

Nadal celebrated a point against Goffin.Manuel FernandezAP

There was a dependable Nadal, even with a certain self-sufficiency, until he scored the first of his four match points, comfortably 5-3 in the second set, and the second, then more precarious and exhausted, than the first. Just reduced. one more. equal points in balance, together
5-4 and his serve, followed by a great inverted forehand from David Goffin. Running with a loose scoreboard, ruling it with authority, compromised victory for other reasons, and should not be overlooked, as the Belgian is a good tennis player who can take advantage of any manipulation. I am very capable. Proposed. In the end, after three hours and nine minutes and four saves, the proud and irreducible champion emerged to take the win 6-3, 5-7 and 7-6 (9). match points which his opponent also disposed of

Despite being the best Nadal, who won an impossible final at the Australian Open, the Spaniard retained his stamp of exclusivity. He knows how to move like few others on the wire and his reputation in this type of situation instills fear in his opponents. This was realized by Goffin, who missed a last forehand after putting in a scintillating match.

With clear views, open the track by crossing backhand or reversing to the right Run This year’s champion de Nadal in Marrakech discussed the victory of a player who, this time, was suffering from the lack of rhythm of someone who was playing his second match on the clay tour after nearly six weeks of injury. Staying on his words after a win against Kekmanovic in one hour and 55 minutes, this experience, in addition to added confidence, will also value Roland Garros in the set-up for the noble cause of each season. This time it took him more than three hours to get rid of his elusive rival.


He has already made 16 appearances in the quarter-finals at the Mutua Madrid Open, a tournament he has supported on five occasions., For the first time in 2005, when it was still played at the Madrid Arena, indoors and on a fast surface. Seventeen years later, fresh from an injury, today the world No. 4 will face the winner of the match between Carlos Alcaraz and Cameron Nori, this Thursday night.

Goffin is a dynamic player, intuitive and a pleasure to watch. He has a talent for playing counterpieces and is not short of imagination. The 31-year-old Belgian, who recently won his sixth career title in Marrakech, has moved up from seventh place five years ago to 60th in the rankings. Nevertheless, in theory he was an easy opponent for Nadal, having defeated him on clay in all four of his matches. Nothing less came of it. When the 13-time Roland Garros champions had victory in hand, even with the first two match points, Goffin took the prize for his fluid and consistent tennis, leveling off on a set.

Nadal still makes some delays, such as errors in acceleration shots, which warn that the machinery is not yet fully greased. Logical, and the hero accepts it by defeating Kekmanovic in his debut. A long backhand at first match point is reprimanded for the rest against Goffin, leaving his side 5–3. Nor will he be able to lock the next game, in which he loses his serve after playing another game. equal points. It was Belgium, in a spectacular flood, that followed four games in a row and partially took almost everyone by surprise.

In the very close third set, Goffin came back down 4-1 in the tiebreak and was chained to five points giving him a stroke from the edge. The inconclusive response to a succession of choices that elicited something close to ecstasy in the Magic Box. Nadal did not disappoint this time either, much to the excitement of the fans.

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