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Nadal – Alcaraz, in quarter: “He is better than me and comes with good maneuverability”

Nadal - Alcaraz, in quarter: "He is better than me and comes with good maneuverability"

Mallorcan, penalized for three hours and five minutes after his match against Goffin, doesn’t look like a favorite against Mercian in this Friday’s duel (at 4:00 p.m.), who beat Cameron Nori in three sets.

Carlos Alcaraz celebrates a point against Nori.AFP
  • eighth part Nadal made his mark against Goffin by saving four match points
  • sannyas Murray causes damage due to indigestion and leaves a free path for Djokovic to quarter.

a year and a day after we first met Rafael Nadal, Carlos Alcarazu Do it again this Friday (before 4:00 pm, not teledeporte), already in your third fight, on the same platform. The Mutua Madrid Open once again brings together two of the crowd’s great favorites who must share their love between the five-time champion of the tournament, the winner of 21 Grand Slam titles and the owner of an illustrious career like no other. and the emergent phenomenon ceases to cause astonishment once it enters the circuit top ten Thanks to his great start to the season, with wins in the Masters 1000 and RO in Miami and the ATP 500 in Barcelona.

On that occasion, the day Alcaraz came of age, they met in the second round of the tournament, with the left-hander winning an easy 6–1, 6–2 victory. Mercian, already with a well-earned predicament, had arrived in the world as 120 and was fighting the tournament by invitation. An early physical accident weakened his chances against an opponent who, unlike today, was still several heads above him. This time they are in the quarter finals.

Today he is better than me and comes with a very good dynamic, I am a realist. He is in shape. I have come from period out. He is young and has energy. But the most important thing to me is not who will be better tomorrow [por hoy]But within three weeks, Nadal remarked in a press conference after saving four match points. David Goffin 6-3, 5-7 and 7-6 (9), in three hours and five minutes.

I’ve played for hours and it’s going well for me, but not that much for this tournament. I come unprepared and we’ll have to see how I get up tomorrow [por hoy]Warned Mallorcan, playing his second game after being off the court for 43 days.

Things were very different from the first meeting between the two Spaniards, in the Indian Wells semi-final on 20 March. Nadal won again, but he did it in a very tough 6–4, 4–6, 6–3 match, before losing in the final of the tournament against Nadal, the last of an immaculate 19-run streak. Was. taylor fritzThe strain in the ribs that occurred in the final part of the semifinals already conditioned from the crack.

Nadal showed off his stripes and pride in front of an alcaraz who, away from the wrinkles, showed him how he sharpened his nails. Alkaraj performed with Mein in his debut basilashvili Who is capable of winning the match even with the brush instead of the brush. Fans waited till around eleven o’clock on Tuesday night to witness the depth of his growth and give him the support and affection that is given only to the chosen ones. The boy has earned a status that allows him to claim more care when it comes to scheduling his matches, given that the organization did not rush his appearance until the final innings of Central and gave him time to recover. not deprived.

Djokovic on the Horizon

This Thursday, in an already more rational schedule, even with Nadal’s stand lit by victory, even though it was a night session, he secured his third win in as many matches. Cameron Norrie: 6-4, 6-7 (4) and 6-3, in two hours and 39 minutes. Yet despite the glare of several moments of the season, he won the rest except for the lead in the first set. Number 11 in the world and winner of the Indian Wells Masters 1000 in 2021, absentmindedly somewhat devalued, the British left-hander is a fine competitor, a tennis player not with much fanfare, but who hardly permits his rival license. gives. Alkaraj finished listening to Happy Birthday and like last year, he blew candles on a cake on the dance floor.

The winner of the Spanish duel can be measured with Djokovicclassified for the quarter-finals without playing Andy Murray Due to indigestion, in which there will be another high-voltage match. Alcaraz will need to play with the courage and courage he has shown at Indian Wells and make the most of his resources against a Nadal who, too aware of his current limitations, will have his already thin hair when he plays host. But at an even higher price, A the rank he deserves, whenever he plays on clay. The biggest shooting will be from a player from El Palmar in recent weeks, with a lot of tennis on his feet. If he manages to have a physical duel, he may have an advantage over an opponent who felt exhausted at times in his match. kekmanovic And made it clear that a tough fight against Goffin might be weighing on him.

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