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MotoGP: Reasons for the decline of Japanese brands in MotoGP

Suzuki’s disappearance is linked to the sinking of Honda and Yamaha for a different World Cup

Silverstone Podium, this Sunday.rue vieiraAP
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In Essen, the first rider on a Japanese motorcycle was joan miro, Eighth. This Sunday at Silverstone, the first rider on a Japanese bike was alex rins, Seventh. In the last two MotoGP races, never seen before. The Asian brands that have dominated the World Cup since the 1970s have disappeared since the fall of Gilera and MV Agusta. how did this happen? Engineers talked about many factors, although above all it is always the same: money.

The economic disruption caused by the pandemic has prompted companies such as Honda or Yamaha to reduce their investments in the competition and others, such as Suzuki, have decided to forgo the championship straight away. But there are more, or rather, more solid elements. Because this budget shortfall has caused Japanese bikes to be the slowest in every circuit, and there’s a reason for that: aerodynamics.

In recent years, European brands, especially Ducati, have offered innovations that Asian brands have not been able to copy or have arrived too late. Most important of them all: Holshot. The damping system that allows motorcycles to go up and down depending on whether they are in a curve or straight was a revolution from Formula 1 that Ducati implemented before the pandemic and was never welcomed by Honda or Yamaha did. For a number of reasons: it damaged safety, increased cost and above all, it was not transferable to street bikes. They reluctantly made their own versions, but they were never effective and the results look like this.

As a victory for Asian brands, MotoGP has banned this system from 2023; It can be used only on departure. As for defeat, Ducati is already moving forward with its wings, especially with the rear wing, in which it continues to test things.

too much load on the leader

However the problem with Honda and Yamaha may lie in their philosophy. As engineers of any one brand admit, their system is based on a very clear hierarchy of drivers and it doesn’t always work. In the case of Honda, for example, it worked perfectly until Marc Marquez crashed in Jerez and a rehabilitation began that is still underway: now other representatives of the factory suffer the consequences and, in fact, Yesterday they finished fourteenth (pole aspergaro), seventeenth (alex marquez) and nineteenth (Stephen Bradley) In the case of Yamaha, it is more similar.

All the troubles were hidden in the title fabio quartaro It had a great start last year and this season but failed in two consecutive races that landed the company in trouble. Tomorrow at Silverstone, with the victory of Peco Bagnaiya, the Frenchman was eighth and his partner, Franco Morbidelli, could only be fifteenth. In fact, at the World Championship, the first riders from a Japanese factory behind the Quartaro are eighth and ninth, Joan Meir and Alex Rins, with Suzuki missing, and the following injured. mark marquezzoin thirteenth place.

Quartaro can save the honor. It is quite possible that a Japanese brand will win the World Cup again, that it will continue the Asian streak since 1975 with one exception – Casey Stoner’s title with Ducati in 2007 -. But it is clear that there are problems with them in the past.

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