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MotoGP: Mrquez risks too much again and throws Jorge Martn: “The mistake is mine, we have to bear the sticks”

MotoGP: Mrquez risks too much again and throws Jorge Martn:

The Honda rider fell on the primary lap and sang mea culpa along with his associate.

Marc Mrquez after falling at Silverstone.AFP
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Spanish Marc mrquez then the ‘mea culpa’ with out doubting the accident that he starred in with the additionally Spanish Jorge Martin in the course of the first lap of the MotoGP Grand Prix of Nice Britain on the Silverstone circuit. Mrquez defined that the very first thing he did on the finish of the race was to apologize to Jorge Martin. “I went to apologize to the team at his workshop but he was not there, so I went to look for him at his ‘hospitality’, where he was eating and I sat with him for a while, I apologized and told him that it was completely my mistake, “explains Mrquez.

“It tastes bad to me, because both he and I had the pace to fight for the podium, but today it was like that and I was too optimistic in overtaking since it was the first lap and it was not necessary,” acknowledges the driving force from Repsol Honda. It was not the primary time that the eight-time champion kissed the bottom this weekend, however he has narrated this another way: “It is true that he and Quartararo came a little out of line and that has made me trust excess that I could overtake him from the inside, without thinking that he was not in the correct gear, that he was not well positioned, and that neither he nor I were on the right line “, Mrquez stated.

Though this Sunday he needed to undergo the surplus of Mrquez’s momentum, the sensations of Cervera’s because of what was produced have been actually unhealthy. “I have not been able to do anything, I can only apologize because I feel very bad about ruining the race and the weekend of another driver and a team, although luckily this has happened to me very few times in my sports career on a Sunday,” he remembers Marc Mrquez.

Apologies accepted

Marc mrquez I highlighted concerning the apologies to Jorge Martin that “he has accepted them”, to level out that “if I had gone there saying ‘what are you doing!’, but I have gone with my head down because it was my fault and, logically, he has accepted my apologies”.

“There was a touch two corners before, in the seven, and we were in the first lap and we were not going on the good line or with the good speed; this sometimes happens and here it has happened, the mistake I have made and I have to accept it and apologize, “insists Mrquez. “When I make the mistake, I have to eat it, lower my head, fit all the clubs that fall on me and in Aragn it will be another weekend”, remarks the Repsol Honda rider.