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MotoGP: Interview with Fabio Quartaro: “I’ve won since I understood I couldn’t always be angry”

MotoGP: Interview with Fabio Quartaro: "I've won since I understood I couldn't always be angry"

In a World Cup on fire, very, very tense due to next year’s contracts, the current champion and leader walks in peace. He went through shady seasons, but after working on it he knows how to live in peace.

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A silver and diamond pendant numbering 20 shines on the neck of Fabio Quartaro (Nice, 1999), and is rare. I’ve worn a cross since I was a kid, but the wire broke when I was running in Austin and I haven’t had time to fix it yet. I’ll do it asap. He left this necklace to me so as not to go without anything, confesses the defending champion and current leader of MotoGP. outside, it’s nicknamed devil, the broad urban fabric, greets people with many steps. Inside, he is a youth who meditates, who has overcome difficulties, who hides the world.

are you very religious?
I believe in God, yes, it runs in my family. My grandmother put it in my mother and she put it in me. I don’t go to mass every Sunday, but I pray for 20 or 30 seconds before getting on the motorcycle. It’s part of a series of things that reassures me. Last week, for example, in Portimao, I finished my first training session on the 18th and despite this, I was calm, like I had finished earlier. I used to get angry at such things.
to workout?
He was always angry. I haven’t gone to a psychologist for a year and a half because I don’t need it, but he helped me a lot in my day. In fact, I won because I understood with him that he could not always be angry. Before, if the bike didn’t work for me, it didn’t help. I have always been very jovial and have never insulted anyone, but I would get annoyed and break into my garage. This was not the way to do things when it got better. Now I count the times I get angry and there have been very few recently.
Champion and leader of MotoGP. His best moment on the track is… even outside?
When things are good, life is much happier. it is inevitable. When things got worse for me, it was hard to forget.
He has commented that it was difficult for him to absorb that he is the champion.
You get it when you go to the event and you hear it many times, but it takes a few months to feel it. When I won the World Cup, the next day I had a bad hangover and that’s it. And second, I went to the max to keep myself to the limit, because that’s the way to keep winning.
Has your ego not tempted you?
I come from a very humble family and now I am not going to come up. I want to win more years and I’m not going to win if I don’t keep my feet on the ground. To become champion in 2021 will not be easy this year, quite the opposite; Now everyone is waiting for me.
Would have given some time.
I bought a car, a sports car, but I haven’t got it yet. This is what it says, a fad, but I have to keep working.
protects joan mirochampions in 2020, that their title is not of sufficient importance due to the physical problems of the coronavirus and Marc Marquez, do you feel the same?
not at all. In future they will see who was the champion in 2021 and they will see my name. I don’t know why it is not being judged that way. Mark has been the benchmark for the last 10 years, but you have to stop wondering what would have happened if Mark was healthy. Mark fell and was injured; This is something that can happen to all of us. In fact, last season he returned to racing and won three races. But it doesn’t matter, even if no one wins, the title will have the same value.
He is yet to sign a renewal with Yamaha for next year and says other brands have wooed him. Does the title of champion require a champion’s salary?
Not answering because I’m not focusing on that right now. I have a clear objective, which is to win the World Cup again, and my representative is working next year. Nor have I set any time limit. At some point I’ll talk to my agent, assess everything, and tell him: I’m ready to sign.
What he has clarified is that, beyond the money, he demands a faster bike from Yamaha.
It’s not a question of asking, but of giving when you hit the table. Right now we all have to do our best to get the best possible bike. As I told you earlier, I’m calm in the team, I just look forward to a lot from the next race. Here in Jerez, for example, I want to win. When we ran two races in a row here in 2020, I won both and I was faster last year too [empez primero, pero acab decimotercero por problemas fsicos], I want to win this Sunday.
The next race is in France, his country, although he grew up in Spain and now lives in Andorra. Have you ever felt like you’re out of nowhere?
I have always felt French. I am overcome, but I am running to please my country, the French fans. I think this year’s Le Mans race will be crazy. The title has brought me closer to the people there, it has greatly increased the following in my country. It wasn’t like this before, but I understand: it’s hard to please a driver when he doesn’t win when he is a champion.

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