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MotoGP: Eight-year-old motorcyclist dies during training in Italy

Little Mathis Belone was training for the National Speed ​​Championship when he lost control of his minibike and slipped on the asphalt.

Little Mathis Belone, eight-year-old Minimoto racer.MOTOCICLISMO.IT

8-year-old child has died after a serious accident on his mini bike trentino, Italy, Mathis Belone Trained at Trentino Circuit for National Speed ​​Championship And that couldn’t escape the serious injuries sustained in the accident at the go-kart circuit on July 22 last week. To, when he suddenly lost control of his minibike. In the fall, he slipped on the asphalt and another motorcycle ran over him. I was admitted to the hospital in a very serious condition.

Rescued on runway, Mathis taken to hospital by emergency helicopter Verona, where he entered pediatric resuscitation. Parents requested permission to relocate their son montpilier since they live in Sainte-MaximeBut after seven days of suffering, little Mathis stopped living.

“She lasted until the birthday of her younger sister, who was 3 years old on Wednesday,” declared Mathis’ godfather Le Cotidien de la Reunion, “His organs saved five lives, he was a great champion till the end.” “An angel who filled us with the joy of living,” Mathis’ family wrote. Sensation for this very young life so dramatically flooded the social profiles of the extinguished motor world that Mathis so loved.

“Unfortunately, we were in that race. There was no festive atmosphere as there were fears for Mathis who was the protagonist of a very serious accident on Friday. All the staff of Competition Can’t help but join in the pain of a horrific tragedy. It’s bad writing when these things happen, when in a game that gives joy and adrenaline, things don’t go well. Goodbye Mathis!, reads a memory posted on Facebook.

“Little Mathis, we have no words to express the sadness that has invaded us. You will live on in our hearts forever,” writes National Speed ​​Championship, Mathis was considered an aspiring motorcyclist and was part of Team Race Experience School the director Sebastian Gimbert,

a controversial game

competitions of pit bike They have been popular since the late 1980s, but controversy over their dangerousness remains strong. In Italy alone, on January 9, a 5-year-old boy was seriously injured when he collided with a barrier while riding a minibike near a motocross track. bellinzago ,novara) The child was hospitalized with head and chest injuries at Maggir Hospital in Novara with a reserved prognosis.

In recent years, two fatal accidents have devastated the world of child pilots: in 2016 Vidaan ,mantua), where a 6-year-old boy died in 2018 ferrera ,turn), along with the 9-year-old victim.

in spread Italy Of pit bike is due to Victor Orazic of the company vitorazzi, That I decided to make the model for sale in 1987. Initially it was a simple hobby for children, but later the interest of companies in this area such as Polini Transforming sport into a competitive discipline. These miniature vehicles were initially priced high, but they later turned to the Chinese market for a lower cost. Today, therefore, they are available to all; The maximum speed cannot exceed 50 kilometers per hour, but they are frequently updated and manipulated.

“If you’re going to buy pit bike Made in China, be careful”: according to the Guardia di Finanza of the Nettuno section in the province RomeMinibikes sold as toys are very dangerous. Without security guarantees, there would be a defect at their core. A serious incident happened in Lazio, when a boy of frosinone He died while playing in the garden.

it talks about something 2,500 copies Bought by Roman families and residents throughout Lazio, from Pomezia to Anzio and Tivoli, for illegal traffic and a turnover of about 800,000 euros. Motorcycles cost between 260 and 380 euros, Around 500 units have been seized in a shed on the southern bank of the capital.

“It’s not fair to define them as toys”, explains the captain Vincenzo Di Filippo, “They have an internal combustion engine of about 50 cc and reach speeds of up to 40 or 50 kmphAdults often use them for short trips, even within the property.”

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