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MotoGP: Ducati Paradox: best bike, worst result

MotoGP: Ducati Paradox: best bike, worst result

With its leader ‘Peco’ Bagania as a perfect case, the Italian brand faces a gray start to the season irrespective of the performance of its motorcycles.

Jack Miller, this Sunday, after his accident.Patricia de Melo MoreiraAFP
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Year of Ducati. This had to be the year of Ducati. Finally, with their first and only post-World Cup 15 seasons, Casey Stoner, a second title will come up. This 2022 Italian factory was ready to celebrate. Before starting the course, he had the best bike in the Desmosedici Championship and its leader, Francesco ‘Peco’ BagnaiaA fast, focused, reliable pilot. Last year Bagnia took almost four consecutive victories, with a historic hat-trick for the brand in the chest, with a top speed record (362.4 km/h) and yet…

Almost everything in Ducati is bad luck. Bagania is in tenth place in the championship and has not yet reached the podium. Your partner in the official team, jack miller, this is the ninth. Although they have eight riders in the World Championship—the factory with the most—none of them are among the top three overall and only Enya Bastianini You Johann ZarkoBoth have salvaged furniture, along with parts from last year’s motorcycle, from both satellite sets. What happened?

lex creville In conversation with EL Mundo offers an explanation: with the current regulations, so limited, it is not easy to improve the motorcycle, you need to correct a lot. Right now it looks like last year’s Ducati is doing better than the current bike and this is affecting the riders, especially the ‘Peco’. Indeed, the eyes now see Gigi Dul’Igna, the chief engineer, the genius who, for example, invented the ‘holshot’ which was later copied by all brands. According to a consulted engineer, his work at Ducati has been excellent, but his relentless pursuit of mechanical revolutions is weighing him down this year. A few months back he had a great motorcycle. Now everything is in doubt.

Internal conflict

But there is another aspect: the market. While other brands are in talks with several riders, at Ducati they have waged an internal war, as it did years ago with them. Andrea Dovizioso You andrea ianoneYes, they are not getting any benefit from it. There are three pilot candidates for second place in the refurbished gardenia, official team, jack miller, George Martinny Bastianini and only the latter, almost a rookie, has offered the result. This Sunday, in Portimao, went to the field with Miller joan miro And Martin added his third retirement in just five races he played.

A disaster that ended: Zarco was second in Portugal, his second podium of the year, but a void of Ducati representatives until eighth-placed Bagania behind him. Enjoyed this time exam fabio quartaroFor the first time this season. Lacking top speed on his Yamaha, the reigning champion, so much so that he is evaluating a change of brand for the next year, ran out and no one was able to follow him. The straight was not that long in this circuit and that has worked for me. I have pushed myself to the limit, he assured me, and it was true.

Throughout the trial, though he had more than five seconds, he didn’t loose, he didn’t loose, he didn’t loose, in a sort of ritual to get rid of the previous race, in which he found himself in seventh place. Found struggling to survive. or eighth. If he gets reunited with Yamaha, that remains to be seen, if the title should belong to him again. Because there is no one to argue with. Mir suffered the misfortune of Miller, lex rinse still unknown and Marc Marquez This is not right. This Sunday Sood finished sixth behind his brother Lex, with whom he was with. Year of Ducati. This had to be the year of Ducati. But everything indicates that this will not happen.

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