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Most tense in Las Rojas: National team players ask coach Jorge Vilda to leave

The international asks the coach to step down, but he has refused, slated to fulfill his contract until 2024. He is backed by Rubials.

Jorge Vilda in Las Rojas.EFE

The hours are very tense in the City of Football of Las Rojas, where the full team of women prepares matches against Hungary (give 2) and Ukraine (Day 6) Qualifying stage for the 2023 World Cup. A large group of football players led by captains (Patri Guizarro, Irene Paredes and Alexia Putellas, Absent from this call due to injury) has asked for two things.

1. He asked louis rubialesTo activate the selector by phone, George Wilda,

2. He himself asked Vilda to resign on Monday.

first of the requests, advanced by secret, received a negative response from the President of the Federation. got another one too negative answerWell, the coach who was recently renewed for the next two years told the girls that he had no intention of resigning.

it is a matter Some Examples in the (Known) History of Football, A group of professionals asking directly for the coach to resign is still somewhat tempting, as it was at the time some of these players participated in a request to sack former Barcelona coach, Las Cortes at the end of 2020. Had taken. 2021 season, where the team won the triple. Like Rubiales, he called on Laporta to fire the coach. modus operandi,

And what are the arguments? Soccer players (who represent a large portion of international players, but not all) argue that training sessions are out of date, do not apply modern methods that could make them a better team and some of them with There is no personal dealing. Suitable. There is no harmony between Vilda and the players’ hard core, a reality they believe in in Las Rojas, where they were already praying in June so that professionals would not hold back from signing premium for the European Championship. The faces of the players seen today in that act can be better understood. Lack of press questions too.

Speaking of faces, there were poems from the girls and the coach during this Tuesday’s tribute to the U20 world champion in Football City. While the younger squad couldn’t be happier, the older guys and their coach barely concealed the tremendous tension chewed up within the four walls of the dwelling, which, on Monday, took part in a more than three-hour meeting between Maun, Vilda, and Vilda. From captains (with the participation, via mobile video calls, of other important football players), to face-to-face meetings between Vilda and some of them, to a tense staff meeting…

Rubials, who arrived this Tuesday with the U20 world champion He is quite clear that his bet for the bench is Wilda, and he has no intention of dismissing her. (It should be emphasized that this summer it was renewed for two years). What the president is trying to do is mediate between the two sides, although it doesn’t seem likely that it will be settled. At the moment, a press for selection in Las Rojas these days passes without agenda. At least next Friday, the day before the first match against Hungary, the coach will speak. If that’s the case then everything is definitely not broken in the first place.

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Reference from www.elmundo.es

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