Home Sport Miria Belmonte, drowned, 800. does not enter the finals of

Miria Belmonte, drowned, 800. does not enter the finals of

 Miria Belmonte, drowned, 800.  does not enter the finals of

The Spanish standard-bearer closed his individual participation in Tokyo with fourth place in the 400 styles as the best result.

Mireia Belmonte, after her series of 800s.Patrick B KramerEFE

sunken, almost a pool of gap Katie Ledecky, in its series of 800, miria belmonte Say goodbye to your ultimate personal goal in Tokyo with your worst image. Riley’s consolation remains, if she participates. The Spaniard didn’t make it to Olympic eventing positions because of his shoulder problems, and despite his great fourth place in the 400 styles, the demands for funds brought all his fears to the surface. A great long-distance runner, such as Badalona, ​​has stuck in both the 800 and the 1,500, far from the prospect of qualifying directly for the finals. It was the sixth in the last one.

The explanation between his expected beginning in Tokyo and this ending lies in the competition. 400 Styles was too wide open. Miriya knew this and made the most of all the opportunities she is capable of, which is a lot. 23 hundredths stripped him of the podium, a bronze that could have been redeemed after his four medals, one gold, in his previous two Olympic appointments. Tokyo was fourth, where he decided not to reduce his schedule and swim the specialty where he gold in the RO, 200 butterfly.

generational relief

Neither the 800 nor the 1,500 were going to give him a chance, with a tyrannical Ledecky eager to fall against him. Ariane Titmus Free in 200 and 400. The Australian also participated in the 800 series but was not alone. There were girls in the pool, summer macintosh, from Canada, and Katie Grimes, from USA, 14 and 15 years old. They are like flying fish.

Miria has not only succumbed to her own strength, but her entire generation too. Sarah Sjostrom To katinka hoszu. Your time has passed. To his dismay it should be added that Hugo Gonzalez, who did not enter the final of the 200 styles in which he is the European Champion and his continuation in the elite is unknown. Trouble for Spanish swimming, now in the hands of a 19-year-old nico garcia, an astonishing 200 back finalists. It has a future but there is a problem in the future.