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Mino Raiola passes away, the historic banner of the bubble in the football industry

Mino Raiola passes away, the historic banner of the bubble in the football industry

Haaland’s agent, Ibrahimovic, Pogba or Balotelli, who enforced the laws of personal enrichment and whom he represented for three decades, dies in Milan at the age of 54.

Raiola, in a file image.

mino raiola He could go on like no one else, no matter how severe his illness was. Before saying goodbye at the age of 54, and after seeing how the media left him for dead before his time and after weeks of illness, he considered himself alive again on the social network. allowed to laugh. “He was a genius, and like a genius he left,” says a renowned European agent who knew best what was going to happen in one of football’s most lucrative industries before he died in Milan this Saturday. How to take advantage World. Who understood that the player, to whom he himself said that he would regard him as the “father” while the money flowed, should be much more than a piece of gear, but an object of desire that would pay for what they wanted. ? I don’t want everyone to be poor, but rich, he said. Firewalls on pay and commission were never in his plans.

Stiff in demeanor, talkative in demeanor and rash in his clothes – he thought a suit and tie was better for him. George Mendes either Jonathan BarretoHis jungle competitor – Carmine ‘Mino’ Raiola (Nocera Inferior, Italy, 1967) never wore a costume. zlatan ibrahimovic, one of his historical clients, recalled the day he first met Raiola. Striker dressed in his best. Gucci Jacket. gold watch. At the door of the Porsche restaurant. Riola appeared at the appointment wearing a Nike T-shirt and faded jeans. Ibrahimovic couldn’t believe it: “And this guy is a manager? If he looks like one of the Sopranos.” But he let himself be fascinated. Like many others with whom Mino Raiola came during his career as president of Barcelona Joan Laporta, with whom he had a great relationship as the Swedish battered Ram passed through the Catalan capital. By the way, one of the most disastrous professions in the history of the Barca club.

From Pizzeria to McDonald’s

Raiola, who was the most caring of her grandmother – “she was a saint to me” – always liked to remember that nothing was done for her. He moved with his family to the Dutch city of Haarlem when he was a child, where his father opened a Napoli Pizzeria on Groote Market Square. For years the legend accompanying Mino that he was a pizza maker. It was not. He started out as a dishwasher when he was still a kid and ended local accounts while trying to adapt to a law degree—he only lasted two years—and from his failure as a youth football player. Got disappointed. On the other hand, his concerns lay in the web of relationships that he himself was weaving in the restaurant room.

He helped grow the family business to assemble eleven pizza parlors. The big blow though came with the resale of McDonald’s, a business that made him a millionaire just before discovering that all those profits could be multiplied by football. I learned seven languages, always self-taught. Actually, he himself said that he started speaking English after watching television series. He was never shy that his accent was macronic, he considered it part of his charm. And he saw before anyone else that he could act as a mediator for many of the Dutch footballers of the early 1990s who were looking for fame and wealth in the then-best league in the world, the Italian Serie A. It started with the transfer in 1992. Brian Roy to Foggia, and then made it possible Dennis Bergkampfor which he sighed Johan Cruyff In Barcelona, ​​he opted for Inter.

The football player, with a blind faith in that Raiola, who only wanted to take care of his “family”, had no problem changing his shirt. Czech Ballon d’Orz pavel nevded He transferred them from Lazio to Juventus in the then huge transfer of 41.20 million euros.


However, there is nothing like his operation with Ibrahimovic. Sweden changed teams up to eight times in transfers amounting to 169 million euros. They still remember Raiola’s behavior at Camp Nou. Ibra claimed and later both denied pep guardiola related to Leo MessiBarca arrived at the club in exchange for a transfer of 46 million euros and Samuel Ato’o to enter. In addition to the three million euros that the agent received, including the integration of Sweden as a concept in the Catalan capital, Raiola’s big deal was 10% of the footballer’s salary, which he himself accumulated during the five seasons he signed. Swedish with. They endured only one campaign, but Riola continues to gather, declaring that Guardiola—a close enemy—and Cruyff must both enter a psychiatric hospital.

Raiola showed the industry that the commission should be levied by an agent and not as recommended by FIFA. In March 2004, the body again chaired Joseph Blatter Demanded that the remuneration base of the arbitrator should not exceed 3% of the gross salary. Of course, the Italian representative smiled. And I took a commission of 27 million euros for the return of paul pogbas For Manchester United (approximately 24% of the 105 million operations).

In 2020, and according to a report by Forbes, Raiola secured 721 million euros in contracts for its clients, taking 72 million in commission.

The portfolio he managed from his residence in Montecarlo included soccer players such as Balotelli, donnarumma, Verratti, de ligta, Keane, Marcus Thurmi and certainly, Haland, The next great operation of the summer market will no longer have Raiola’s signature, pride in his craftsmanship, and the great banner of bubbles in football.

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