Home Sport Messi’s penultimate chance after four lost finals with Argentina

Messi’s penultimate chance after four lost finals with Argentina

Messi's penultimate chance after four lost finals with Argentina

The ’10’, who is measured against Neymar’s Brazil, can raise his first trophy with the albiceleste now that he is not a Barcelona footballer.

Messi celebrates in the semifinals.REUTERS
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Leo Messi has this Sunday his penultimate opportunity to lift a trophy with Argentina in the final of America Cup against Brazil (1:00 hours, TV3 and TVG). Almost 13 years have passed since the only time he savored the triumph with the albiceleste, it was in the conquest of the gold of the Beijing Games. He has played four finals with the senior team and was defeated in all of them. Brazil won 3-0 in the final of the America Cup 2007 and chili he won the penalty shootout in the 2015 and 2016 editions. The worst memory was 1-0 against Germany in the 2014 World Cup.

Five years ago when Argentina the Copa América was played with Chile from 11 meters, and after Rosemary will stop the first pitch to Arturo vidal, Messi he watched his shot go over the crossbar. And there began his ordeal. When Claudio Bravo he stopped the right hand of Lucas BigliaHe covered his face with his shirt and isolated himself from everything. Silva, immediately afterwards, passed sentence.

Now, however, the attitude of the captain is very different. In view of Colombia, also on penalties, scored his with an incontestable shot, then encouraged Martinez, consoled From Paul for his mistake, it was unleashed when the goalkeeper stopped the shot of the former Barça player Yerry Mina and he celebrated with anger all the goals from Argentina. In addition, he melted into a tremendous hug with the rest of his teammates when the Argentine goalkeeper ended the session with his third stop.

Four goals, five assists

Messi wants to finally win a title with Argentina’s senior team. An award that could be the prelude to the climax that he aspires to add in Qatar next year. That is why it is not surprising that a great Copa América is taking shape. At the moment, he has already signed four goals and five assists and is one point away from equaling the record of 77 that he achieved. Pele with Brazil. His friend Neymar It is the main argument of the Brazilian team to stop once again the ambitions of the Barça forward. The duel between the two is expected of high voltage. The cararinha exercises with the advantage of the local factor, but with a less showy game than usual.

While the captain of Argentina sail arms with his own, his future in the Barça still in the air. Although there is an agreement between the parties to continue in the club for at least a couple of years, the fit that has to be made Laporta with the wage bill and the fair play financial continues to delay the definitive filing of history. The president insists on keeping calm, but Ronald Koeman it is not so clear. “When everything is not solved, you always have to be concerned, but I have full confidence in our president to fix this issue,” said the technician.

“The most for the club”

Only 10 days after his contract expired, for which he had received just over 555 million euros since 2017, as revealed by EL MUNDO, Messi is the most sought-after free agent on the European market. Paradoxically, this morning he could raise his first cup with Argentina without being linked to the club where he has remained for 21 seasons.

“Messi is very important for the club, but it is also important for the Spanish League, because the best player in the world would stay here. We all have to make an effort to continue with us,” reflected Koeman, who extended this message especially to Template. “The players already helped the club last year and, if a little more is needed, those of us who have been at Barça for a long time and I, as a coach, have to make an effort. It’s about giving our best for the club.” sentenced.

The Barça coach also assured that it is counterproductive that Pedri dispute the Tokyo Games. “For a player it is too much to do two competitions at the highest level in the summer. He has played it almost every minute in a season,” he warned.