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Mediation pioneer, teacher and mother: “I’ve been in it for half my life”

Mediation pioneer, teacher and mother: "I've been in it for half my life"

Marta Huerta de Aza will be the first Spaniard to whistle in a national team tournament, the Women’s European Championship.

Marta Huerta d’Aza during the women’s Atletico-Barca match.RFEF

at the age of 32, Marta Huerta de Aza does not cease to amaze. She has been selected by the UEFA Referees Committee to officiate in the next Women’s Euro Cup matches to be held in England from 6 July to 31 July. “I will try to leave Spanish mediation as much as possible,” he says. Marta, who has whistled in the first category since 2017, will create history, being First Spaniard to direct in a European competition at national team level,

On October 3, 2021, Marta had already made her mark guadalupe poraci, It was the first time that two women completed a refereeing team in LaLiga Santander. And now, in addition to being in euros, it has been Shortlisted for Women’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand in 2023,

Born in Palencia on March 31, 1990, Marta is slowly making her own future. Ever since she was young, she has always shown great interest in sports. She has also practiced rhythmic gymnastics, artistic gymnastics, basketball, and even kick boxing. “I loved football, although it was very difficult to find women’s teams at first”, bill. This prompted him to look at this activity from another perspective: mediation.

At the age of 15, he was already interested in work. Later, Palencia. did a course in, To become a referee, everyone follows the same path: after training, they slowly rise. However, Marta does not belong to that group, as she made great strides until she reached the aristocracy.

“It is a way of life”

“In 2005, I entered the Referee College and to this day. I’ve been in mediation for half my life, In the end, for me, refereeing is a way of life. You already have some habits that focus on arbitration and eventually it has become a routine,” says the Palencia player.

After completing his teaching degree in 2012, he decided to leave his hometown. “What did it cost me to make this decision, bI looked for a beach and a place with a good temperature and I came to Tenerife», he adds sensibly. She is currently living on the island for 10 years. «Palencia is a small town and I didn’t have much job opportunities, so I decided to leave. I think it was a success, because they welcomed me very well and all the successes I have achieved at the sporting level are with the Tenerife Committee, ”explains the Castilian referee.

Palantina’s best moments are not limited to being a referee and a teacher. For her, there is one in particular that stands out more than the rest: being a mom. Since April 2021, Marta has enjoyed watching her daughter Valeria grow up. When she was born, she took a three-year leave of absence as a teacher to care for her daughter, so she quit her job at the school., In addition, it is impossible for him to combine work and sports career, since many matches take place during the week. This pioneer of Spanish mediation concluded, “I already spend a lot of time with him and all I want is to be with him 24 hours a day.”

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