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Mat’s romantic adventure: 1,000 kilometers after the Vuelta to reclaim the essence of cycling

Mat's romantic adventure: 1,000 kilometers after the Vuelta to reclaim the essence of cycling

“We are creating monsters”, protests the Andalusian on the evolution of his sport. The one from the Euskaltel returns from Santiago to Marbella in six levels “with the essentials”

Mat, throughout a cease on his journey.@antonioortizbike

“Antonio, quillo, will you do me a favor and wash it for me today?” The romantic facet of biking has these minor drawbacks, that there isn’t any substitute jersey or bib shorts for the following stage. Luis Angel MatAfter finishing his sixteenth grand tour (in no abandon) he arrived in Santiago de Compostela on Sunday and on Monday he started the return residence, like everybody else. However he did it by bike.

And his home is in Marbella, 1,000 kilometers to the south. “Now we are …? I don’t know where we are (re). Wait … Oliveira de Azemis. Tomorrow (Wednesday) last night in Portugal, in Vila de Rei”, responds the bike owner of the Euskaltel, 30 within the normal of his tenth Vuelta, 8 Spanish. The most recent insanity of a man decided to say the opposite facet of a sport that for him is not only a career, “is a way of life.”

“We are going very quiet, without haste, without anyone squeezing you and taking your eyes out. So, to the end of the world.” There have been 3,417 kilometers throughout the Vuelta, three weeks of frenzy as he didn’t keep in mind, and maybe this isn’t the most effective factor for his legs, he acknowledges. However sure for the thoughts, “to balance the scales”, of a 37-year-old runner overwhelmed by the technological evolution of biking. The return of La Vuelta, as he himself baptized the challenge that he shares along with his traditional buddy (Antonio Ortiz), it’s also a return to the essence.

He explains it, along with his tinge of criticism of modernity. “Cycling has become highly technical in recent years and this has brought advantages. We prepare super athletes from cadets. We know a lot about everything, performance, recovery … But it has a bad side, the psychological. We are creating monsters that only know compete. It’s hard to channel all that. ” And he talks about “numbers and more numbers.” “In professional cycling you get up and have to give the weight, they measure the oxygen saturation, the pulse, the watts in each training, you have to weigh the pasta you eat… That generates stress, you enter a loop in which it is difficult to enjoy, “he admits.

So should you see a river now, cease and take a shower. In the event that they discover an appetizing restaurant, refreshments. And there are not any ‘sticks’ or uncontrolled. “I vindicate the origins, so a child begins to ride a bike, which is that capacity for emancipation, to know you, to get lost in the neighborhood, to ride to ride.” Every thing, with the approval of the Euskaltel Euskadi and helped by the brand new utility komoot, “Which is wonderful, because it takes you through all the picturesque roads, along paths, if there is a point of interest, a monument, a viewpoint, it takes you out to see it. It is like a box of surprises.”

Additionally with no backpack, with the bikepacking, “the essential”. And the bike with which he performed the Spanish spherical modified with wider wheels to have the ability to stroll on roads. “We have planned where we are going to sleep, but nothing else,” says the ‘Lynx’ of this unparalleled journey, though different skilled cyclists have already sought to disconnect by pedaling, however having fun with the surroundings and calm. As an illustration, Thomas de Gendt, one other romantic, who, amongst others, accomplished with Tim Wellens a 1,000 kilometer route in 2018 to return to Belgium from Lombardy.

If all goes nicely, on Saturday at midday, after finishing six levels during which they’ll have crossed Portugal, Extremadura and Andalusia, Mat will arrive in Marbella, the place, now, “a paella on the beach with my wife and children” will await him. . Though it won’t be the final incident of a bike owner who can also be a medical icon along with his YouTube channel and his social networks. After ending the season in October with the Croatia Tour, in November to compete within the TransGranCanariaBike, a three-day Mountain Bike take a look at. “I have too many ideas, many proposals that I appreciate and less time than I would like,” he concludes.