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Martinez wins Tour of the Basque Country, boosted by Ineos and gives brilliant Evanpol a lesson

La Itzulia, after a run of about 900 kilometres, is decided in seconds on the ramp of the Arret Sanctuary, with John Izagire (Cofidis) and Alexander Vlasov (Bora) completing the podium.

Martinez, Soler, Vlasov and Izagire, at the end of the Basque Country tour, in the final meters of the Ararat ascent.John SmithEFE

remco evenpoel (Shepdal, 2000) Changed Soccer shoes for cycling jersey, at age 16 and only three years later Dazzle at the Clasica de San Sebastian with an unforgettable win, But past victories in cycling do not dampen present disappointments. Evenpoel felt like the winner of a tour of the Basque Country when a Vertical descent in San Miguel (the final port of the stage) hunted down a group of his biggest rivals. next to, Luis Felipe Martinez (Ineos) measures every watt of effort, Six kilometers from the top of Arrett, six runners were fighting to win the Vuelta. But a difficult test ensued for someone who was a sure promise of Belgian football.

Evenpoel, Martinez, Pio Bilbao, John Izagire, Alexander Vlasov and Jonas Winvegaard They are in the sixth and final stanza of ‘Itzulia’. arrived with Minimum difference of 29 seconds Between the Belgian and Dutch runners of Jumbo Wismarck. with 135 kms seven scoring ports in a carousel of ups and downs in which Ineos confirm it has been the strongest team Martínez and the young Carlos Rodriguez race to the Basque by securing victory with a podium. British team matures to Evenpoel Joe was left without support in the quick-step at crucial moments of the race and emptied himself chasing San Miguel, when there were 30 kilometers to go and the young Belgian was already on his feet. Had been. Punishment of about 800 last kilometers in four very demanding stages,

Evenpoel has reached the ramp of Arret with Martinez, Bilbao, Izagire, Vlasov, Vinvegaard and A. Fantastic Mark Soler (UAE) And enduring a 4.5 kilometer climb to the Aret Sanctuary would have ended an extraordinary week that would have started working as a pitcher. Julian Alaphilippe, The 13% ramp at the end of the Vuelta al Pas Vasco evoked mixed sentiments of cycling, with thousands of Basque followers of the ‘Orange Tide’ – the colors of Euscaltail – dedicated to recognizing the effort. like made by David Formolo (UAE) ran from kilometer 9 hunted by the favorite and who still had the strength to show his class in the first meter of the climb.

Martinez, A. with constant rhythm sitting on the couchcontrolled the climb, knowing that the two-second difference that leader Evanpole was taking from him was within his reach. Vlasov has broken the initial notation Winnegaard’s reaction to the Contenders and their movement caused the victory, and John Izagire fell to the ground after making a sharpener with a jumbo runner. Evenpoel, immeasurable, lost meters while Ineos’ group guided by Colombian cyclist saw Mark Soler’s attacks and even Izagire’s Resurrection that Vlasov. in a tight sprint with has reached the stage And second place overall in a lively Vuelta al Pas Vasco.

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Reference from www.elmundo.es

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