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Marc Tur loses the most cruel medal in the last meters of the 50 kilometer march

Marc Tur loses the most cruel medal in the last meters of the 50 kilometer march

The Spaniard, who was on his strategy to bronze after pulling the chasing group all through the check, suffered a loss within the closing stage and was outmatched by Canadian Dunfee. The Pole Tomala gained.

Marc Tur, left, through the check.KIM HONG-JIREUTERS
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The metaphor of cruelty is mirrored within the lack of a medal within the closing stretch, virtually on the dash, after 50 kilometers of struggling. We is not going to see it once more, as a result of the longest check in official athletics is lowered within the Video games. This final torture, nonetheless, was suffered by a Spaniard. Marc Tur suffered a lady when she had mentally gained the bronze. Then his physique didn’t hear him. I could not. I marched on intuition, with the picture of the purpose clouded by exhaustion, like a mirage. It was fourth.

The place is phenomenal, and much more so for an athlete who was reaching nineteenth within the Doha World Cup, though a couple of months in the past, within the European Cup of Podebrady (Czech Republic), the place he already confronted a very good a part of the elite, he gained an sudden gold, which additionally gave him the passport to Tokyo, along with his private finest (3: 47.70). Then he defined what his manner of dealing with the check was, all the time from much less to extra. He did so in Sapporo. The event made it good, save for simply over 100 meters.

Tur, Ibiza from Santa Eulalia, hit his face in these agonistic meters as I had by no means suffered. He is aware of his physique very effectively. He’s a physician and is a zealot, which has led him to need to measure his food regimen so much, and extra to topic his physique to a superhuman effort. Time and again he hit his face. He was already marching alone, after having commanded the operations within the second a part of the check, particularly within the pursuit of the Polish Dawid Tomala, who gained the 50 km after a suicide assault culminated alone. He did it in 3: 50.08. It’s the final Olympic gold of this check. It’s historical past, a worthy gold.

Tur’s rhythm, with out breaking down in any respect, provoked the choice of the pursuing group, which misplaced items, from seven to 6, 5, 4, three and, lastly, two, the Spanish and the German Hilbert. Then the Ibizan obtained another discover, the second. He was liable to going to the pit lane, which meant being out of the race. I spoke to the German, who left alone. There was nothing to concern if he sustained his march for Tur, however the sudden, pjara, arrived when he was already sitting on the rostrum. The canadian Dunfee he smelled the hint of the Spaniard’s blood and went for the medal. The rostrum blurred in his eyes. It was already a mirage.