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Maradona’s shirt in ‘The Hand of God’ sold for 8.4 million, record figure: Is this the real thing?

Maradona's shirt in 'The Hand of God' sold for 8.4 million, record figure: Is this the real thing?

British house Sotheby’s and seller, former English player Steve Hodge, pretend the garment was the real thing, but the Argentine star’s family denies this. The auction broke the sporting goods record.

The shirt was exposed at the start of the auction.Adrian DennisAFP
  • dispute One of Maradona’s daughters suspects the shirt to be auctioned is one of his historic goals against England

8,465,688 euros. In the end they were 8,465,688 euros. what t-shirt did you wear Diego Armando Maradona In the 1986 World Cup quarter-finals in Mexico against England, ‘The Hand of God’ and ‘Goal of the Century’ uniforms were sold this Wednesday at auction at British house Sotheby’s, the largest amount devoted to . Never one for a sports article, and, like everything that surrounded the Argentine star, he did it amid secrecy and controversy. Who bought it? According to the newspaper ‘La Nacine’, “a group in Abu Dhabi that is close to the people who manage Manchester City”. an Argentine collector, Marcelo Orda, The owner of the world’s largest collection of used shirts, Legends, was about to get the jewelry, but his bid was exceeded at the last minute. Although it is almost the lowest.

Because shirts sold have a history, a lot of history. To begin with: is this the real thing? Sotheby’s and former owner, former English player steve hodgeThey say yes, of course. The auction house alleges that before starting the process, they hired a resolution photomatching company to conduct an “exhaustive study” that determined it was, in fact, the correct shirt. And Hodge, in fact, uses an authorized biography as an argument in which Maradona himself admitted that he exchanged apparel with her. “On the way to the locker room, one of the English players – who turned out to be Hodge, but at the time I wasn’t sure – asked me to change shirts with him. I told him yes and we did,” admits ‘El Pelusa’ Did.

But his family assured today that this was not the case. That shirt is true, yes, but it was not the one Maradona wore in his two goals, but the one he used in the first half. He said, “This former player thinks he has my father’s second half shirt, but there’s an illusion, he has the first half. It’s not him. I don’t want to say who has it because it’s crazy ” Dalma MaradonaStarr’s daughter, Agence France-Presse, where she indicated that her mother, Claudia Villafewore the famous jacket to a match in Argentina in 2009. On the other hand, experts refute this by using a picture of Villafay in the box that day. Because the shirt Diego Armando Maradona wore in his most memorable game, two historic goals, was exaggerated. in fact it was almost unique

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Mexican things. in detail resin moschellaThe kit man of Argentina at the time, the clothing worn by that team to the country, was too thick and the players demanded something lighter for the decider against England. I had to search 40 jerseys all over Mexico City and figure out how to add a number and a shield to them. “American People” [el mejor equipo de Mxico] Gave me those shiny numbers. We didn’t have shields and they were brought in by the director’s son who was a fan of Argentine football: they were old shields that didn’t have laurels”, said Moschella, who didn’t want to get wet about Hodges’ jersey now or before. The second part was auctioned off, but they confirmed it was the real thing or was very close to it.

In any case, Maradona’s most legendary jersey, which Hodges had resisted selling for years, broke all records in the sporting world. Less than three years ago, the original Olympic Games Manifesto sold for €7.9 million at Sotheby’s, USA, and, for a closer comparison, 2019 was also the first shirt worn babe Ruth It reached €5.3 million at other auctions with the New York Yankees. Back, set of other pearls such as golf clubs Tiger Woods in its best streak between 2000 and 2001 or was previously used in an Air Jordan Michael Jordan,

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