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Manchester City-Real Madrid: 1,000 vs. 200: Millions and four City-Madrid crosses that explain the entire football decade. champions league 2021

Manchester City-Real Madrid: 1,000 vs.  200: Millions and four City-Madrid crosses that explain the entire football decade.  champions league 2021

Manchester City – Real Madrid

The British team has spent 1,600 million since 2011. In 2012 he ‘meeted’ with Barnabu’s return and Mourinho’s “Dominance”.

Madrid players celebrate a goal against City in the Champions League 12-13.AFP

cross between four Real Madrid and Manchester City They are the chronicle of a decade. A small but important part in the lives of whites and football teens citizensThe game pushed to maturity thanks to K Petrodrolores United Arab Emirates, Ten years that explains the battle between the Old and New World order of the ball and that they will find in this semi-final tie a new attempt by the British to destroy part of the Madrid legacy, the money invested during this time. Incredible though. sheikh Sheikh Mansoori,

After the initial financial ‘punch’ between 2007 and 2010, with the signatures of robinho either Carlos Tevejofrom 2011 to 2022 Manchester City has spent 1,653 million have sold players for euros and total 600so the net expenditure is 1 billion in ten years, One hundred ‘kg’ per season. all to win five premier leaguesA final of reaching and losing Champions And play two more semi-finals.

One final vs. four champions

Meanwhile, Madrid has bought for the time being 1,098 million and charged 903 of their sale, then His expenses are close to 200 million in two decades. in your window, three leagues, four champions You six semifinals, An outcry that further fuels the anger of the sheikhs and goes well with the fact that more money does not always ensure more titles. Need something different. If we extend this balance of income expenditure to all European teams over the past decade, we find that the city is the one that has left the most bills, leading Juventus (1590), Chelsea (1,580), the barcelona (1,540) and PSG (1,410).

Madrid, meanwhile, is 8th in the world to spend but the one who brings better balance after sales among the greats of the continent. a negative 194 millionsecond after Atlantic K 104, Even teams like Everton (-313), Tottenham (-226), Arsenal (-604), Inter (-241) or Naples (-241) have left more teams.

The city knew ‘return’

A few million white and blue colors that have been found on the pitch at specific times in the last decade. It was in its beginning, in 2012 Group Stagereached a critical point in 2016 semifinalswas divided by the epidemic in the eighth of 2020 And he plays now, replaying the semi-finals, which is one of his moments of ecstasy.

There are four conflicts that fully explain Real Madrid’s existence in the Champions League and Manchester City’s development in it. In 2012–2013, the British group explored the topic individually. Bernabu. return to, After winning his first premiership in four decades he arrived at Chamartine, led by mancini on the bench and agero above the field. This was his first great continental challenge, having previously demonstrated Mourinho’s MadridWho had just made famous’league of records‘, who was ready to fight in Europe. And you fail. two goals from Benzema and Cristiano In 1987 and 1990 they won 3–2 over the Bjars for the Whites and assumed the lead of a group that they would rule five games later. “This is Madrid. Hegemony is not a cheap philosophy, to die in the fieldMourinho would say that night in a phrase that is still remembered in the capital. City, unable to win the second leg (1–1) at Manchester, could not even qualify. europe league in a group with dortmund And this ajax, That year he knew what the European Cup was.

Three seasons later, Manuel Pellegrini leader for citizens In the first semi-final of its history. they crossed PSG in the rooms of the petrodlares and stood in front of Zidane’s Madrid After spending 150 million over the summer to sign, among others, De Bruyne, Stirling and Otamendic, With more money than projects, the house continued to bounce for the Champions League advantage, and Bernabeu passed the sentence in the second leg after a goal. ferdinand at his own door. It was the end of Pellegrini at the Etihad and the previous stage of the second European crowning of whites in three years.

De Bruyne, Sterling and Fernandinho have stayed

of those templates Marcelo, Carvajal, Casemiro, Kroos, Modric, Isco, Bell, Lucas and Benzema follow. Madrid and only . For De Bruyne, Sterling and Fernandinho For City, symptomatic of what has happened in recent years. While Madrid are making small adjustments while maintaining the eternal spine in their locker rooms, in Manchester, already guardiolaThey have moved the tree as far as possible to reach a continental altar that still shuns them.

In the second round of 2020, the last touchstone between the two, an interwar Madrid, is still conceding Christian’s departureinjuries of risk and little commitment the knot, fought at the Burnaboo until the final stages of the duel and had opportunities to instill fear in the body of the British in Manchester. I didn’t serve those two errors Varanasi in lapand removal of bouquets In the first phase, but White was alive, in a survival exercise that he has repeated in recent times. Will do everything to reach the semi-finals Full stop for some and follow your spine for otherswho ruled Europe While the city grew adult And that we’ll see if he continues to do so when his own guards change.

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