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Madrid’s Zippy and Zap Duel: Is Vinicius and Rodrigo the most convenient thing to start? , LaLiga Santander 2022

Ancelotti praises both but does not comment while Rodrigo claims that “I must have everything” before the hierarchy acquired by Vinicius. One is the key at the beginning and the other enlarges the end

Camavinga congratulates Vinicius and Rodrigo.Thomas CoaxAFP
  • chronicle Vinicius and Rodrigo, two pace to maintain Real Madrid’s lead against a good Betis
  • Opinion Please, a scorer for Real Madrid, by Julian Ruizu

The value of the first goal is priceless, capital in football. On the other hand, the end goal is the main beam of Madrid’s history. with whom to live? The memory refers to Sergio Ramos in Lisbon, to Rodrigo against Manchester City, but the most recent Champions League in Paris, brings vinicius to the foreground. In front of one of the walls is a battered ram, capable of bypassing the most closed ones. Another archer is when he reaches his ruins, as subtle as he is precise. both are brazilian, young and they came to madrid practically like two Zippy and Zapes Therefore, they are similar, but different and complementary.

A good win against Betis (2-1) backed by Channel and were quickly injured by the injury of Fekiro, Madrid owes to this peculiar ZZ. Because of their characteristics, they could each play different matches in the same match. Vinicius, when the opponent is full and it is necessary to resort to overflow to eliminate the pieces; Rodrigo, in chaos and chaos, in the crevices that value his vision and technique.

obsessed with ownership

However, soccer players, in general, remain obsessed with ownership. He doesn’t feel important if he’s not in eleven. There is a pending issue in this game, especially when the calendar is lengthened in such a way that it is not possible to play everything without risking integrity and performance. ancelotti He is already a coach, and he knows very well how footballers think. Rodrigo just doesn’t think about it. He says: “I want to make a start and I have everything”. No doubt. The question is whether it is most convenient to get to Madrid.

Ancelotti placed him in the eleven against Betis with a teammate that no one disputes anymore, as Vinicius weighs more or less than himself. Benzema, It is not a sin to say so. Its progress attached to its definition is reprehensible. Against Betis he showed it again with a goal in which he jumped into space for the first time to receive a shipment from Alaba. Attack those places with determination, on the line. Definition flag. It has remained so in his three goals in four league matches. A Bernabeu who moves to his ‘Premier’ defines them with precision in this comeback in three phases of his goal butragueo: ”A phase is uncontrolled at the right time; Then the definition, with great accuracy. We always say that the first goal is the hardest.

Valverde’s Choice

Until now, Ancelotti had used valverde As a starter on the right, an option that reinforces Madrid’s more physical profile. The result was good. Uruguay entered the field, but not to the detriment of Rodrigo, and instigated action that served goals for Brazil. “The Fed is a crackdown,” Rodrigo said, who knows who and against whom he is competing.

The wise men of Ancelotti are not going to comment on that. So that? There is a road ahead for many combinations, but the big game, derby or classic, will define that decision. Whatever it is, Rodrigo will always have minutes, that’s for sure.

“He is a special striker because he can play in all positions. He is very quick, very intelligent without the ball, effective one after the other. The apprenticeship is over and he is now a player for all purposes at Madrid is,” said the Italian, who is growing dwarfs but for good, when the giant Benzema appears to be taking a break. He’s a lucky boy.

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