Home Sport Madrid’s vertigo knocks down a much improved Barcelona in overtime

Madrid’s vertigo knocks down a much improved Barcelona in overtime

Madrid's vertigo knocks down a much improved Barcelona in overtime

A goal from Fede Valverde puts the Whites in the final and frustrates Xavi’s team, who dominated for much of the night and enjoyed the return of Ansu Fati and Pedri (2-3).

Valverde celebrates Madrid’s winning goal in Riyadh against Ter Stegen.AP
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The ball is so global that it turns out that in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, far from any sports elite, the Spanish classic was also a state of mind. Barcelona recovered it in the desert, but the pass to the final of the Super Cup was for Real Madrid, in that competitive inertia that has made it the outstanding leader of the Spanish League.

Ripped those of Carlo Ancelotti dominating. Casemiro, Toni Kroos and especially Luka modric, released in each attempt of Barça high pressure, they were in charge of putting the game. The whites found themselves comfortable having the possession in static, sleeping the ball and waiting for a too brave Bara in the robbery of the ball. In three touches, Madrid threatened Ter Stegen’s goalkeeper on several occasions. First Marco Asensio and then Vinicius, in the generational pairing of Brazil that faced Dani Alves. The forward sent his first shot at the goalkeeper’s hands, but on his second start he was unforgiving.

Run the 25th minute. Karim Benzema stole a ball from Sergio Busquets in the center circle, he received the rejection of Modric and the ball reached the space for Vinicius. I ran to the area and shot with my left foot that beat Ter Stegen on your right side.

Dembl’s constant threat

For Madrid, the goal of their new star, on the 15th of his unexpected season, had a positive effect on the scoreboard but a negative one on the grass. The merengue team was confident, aware that their sixth gear was superior to that of the Bara, and those of Xavi Hernndez woke up. Opened my eyes Ousmane Dembl, spark what, the field began to incline towards the goalkeeper of Thibaut Courtois and the weak attempts of the Barcelona forward began to accumulate: Ferran torres, what a debut heeled to the right, Luuk de Jong and the Gaul prowled around the door, though not hard enough to knock it down until the little fortune arrived.

Dembl, omnipresent on the way to halftime, won the baseline and put up a ground ball that looked like Eder Militao he could clear with relative ease. The center-back managed to hit the ball, but it bounced off De Jong’s leg, crashed into the post, and entered Courtois’ nets.

After the break, Bara thanked the Pedri, who plays with Dembl to star in the best minutes of the Catalans. Madrid suffered, run over by the intense pressure of its rival and without finding the relief of Vinicius and Benzema. Ancelotti, concerned, must wonder how long the culs batteries would last. About 20 minutes, which took Modric to regain control of Riyadh. The downloads of the Croatian to overcome lines made Madrid breathe, which returned to dominate and find Ter Stegen in a new start.

Ansu Fati fights for a ball with Dani Carvajal.AP

Ferland mendy, who plays as if every day were Sunday, super Dani alves in speed and left a pass behind for Benzema, who forced Ter Stegen to stretch. The reject picked it up Dani carvajal, whose center kick was rejected again by the German with the bad luck that he again reached the boots of Benzema, who pushed the ball for the 1-2. Madrid smiled after taking advantage of their sparks and their apparent superiority, but Bara from Arabia is not the same as that of Spain. In the 72nd minute, instead of sinking, Xavi’s men kept biting, recovering a lot of the pride lost during these last months. Defenders left and forwards entered, and their prize came in 83 after a header from Ansu Fati, also back, forcing the extension of the Saudi delusion. A perfect classic.

In overtime the Barcelona team seemed to have more lung, but that competitive inertia of the whites, that backlash to light years, completely brought Bara down. Rob Madrid, started Casemiro, yielded Rodrygo, let Vinicius pass and ajustici Fede Valverde, protagonist again in the extension of a Super Cup after that entrance to lvaro Morata in 2020.

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Reference from elmundo