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Madrid’s skyline and Marcelo, Isco and Bel’s 60 million… for Mbapp | LaLiga Santander 2021

Madrid's skyline and Marcelo, Isco and Bel's 60 million... for Mbapp |  LaLiga Santander 2021

The trio expires their contracts this summer and will issue a pay mass that Madrid are expected to spend on Mbapp. Mariano and Vallejo do not count and Asensio and Jovic could get offers. In defense, he likes Fran Garcia and Rudiger.

Krause, Isco and Benzema against Espanyol.marshalEFE

minutes after the sound passed out after the final whistle, which gave them league number 35fans and football players real madrid He raised a single, echoing voice: Yes you can! Yes you can, There, in full domestic excitement, the public and players marked the next goal on the horizon: the return of Champions League Semi-Finals against him Manchester City, This was a great example chamartini Time, like headlines, don’t stand still. Therefore, while reducing Castilian towards cybeleA group of friends were already planning the ups and downs of the next season. PFFF, and now what?, one reflected. OK, and now what?

The past few weeks have helped to overcome some of these Pineapple who appear in madrid changing room during the season. small template model of ancelottiWithout many rotations and with a very significant amount of spinal load made up of eight players, it has worked. Courtois, Militao, Alaba, Casemiro, Croce, Modric, Vinicius and Benzema have passed through 1,800 minutes And he has been by far the most used football player in the team. A scheme that worked to create distance in the league so that some youth in the other echelons could peacefully exploit, such as Rodrigo, Camavinga or Fede ValverdeAnd in April to leave enough air so that people like Daniele Ceballos either marcelo, Each in his own way. One to showcase our future and the other to honor our past. In turn, the Italian’s management is leaving no room for the other members of the squad, who will have to make a new deal this summer away from the Bernabeu.

Marcelo, Isco, Bell and Pay Locations

termination of contracts Marcelo, Isco and Gareth Bale Marks the exit box of Madrid market. He has no words to describe the importance of the Brazilian’s professionalism at the club, important to the locker room during these months and an example of how to end a stage. It will be your decision to retire and be part of the organizational chart of valdebebas Or try your luck in any other football.

The Welshman, on the other hand, was the only absentee from Saturday’s celebrations and is the highest paid in the locker room. Zidane already said this at the time: the sooner he leaves, the better, fight to bring Wales for the World Cup This is your great goal. If he fails, there is a good chance that he will give up football. None of this concerns Madrid anymore. Almost €60 million gross Releasing a white team with three football players is important for a market that will condition the club’s next season.

Mbapp. cool by

One name everyone knows is on the table: Kian Mappo, At Chamartan they rely on the steps taken during the last two seasons and the constant PSG. France’s refusal to renew with, The final sprint will not be easy, with the sheikhs of the Paris institution trying to persuade the Frenchman and his crew to sign a million-dollar contract for a couple of seasons and thereby ensure his presence. Qatar World Cup with blue t-shirt League 1 Champion, but Madrid insists on Mbapp’s desire and in talks over the past few months. The first domino is reserved for him and any place generated in the payroll will be welcome.

ah, the conditions Mariano and Vallejothose who have contracts until 2023 and 2025, but do not count for the directive, and the cases of marco asensio You luca jovi, with commitments by 2023 and 2025 but with sufficient market value to study the proposals to come. The Spaniard is the team’s third top scorer this season with 12 goals, but looks like he has lost the gallon against Rodrigo Or Valverde and the imaginary arrival of Mbop close the doors for him. for them 26 years old, with only a twelve-month contract and with the World Cup out of the way (Luis Enrique doesn’t have it right now), he could leave if he wanted more prominence. If not, Madrid could offer him a renewal with a moderate salary and a rotation role, thus assessing how important his goals are at a specific time of the season.

danger, doubt

More complex moment analysis will be Eden Hazard, An ankle operation was performed to remove a plate so that he could play with pain, the Bernabeu’s upper class suspects with Belgium. the player is loved by his teammates and ancelotti and still dreams of giving the 2018 effort back to the club, but his contract expires in June 2024 And Madrid begins to see that they will get nothing in return hundred crore of euros that were left on the way.

There will always be teams interested in the Premiere, especially Chelsea, but the coaching staff would like to see him in the pre-season when his physical problems go away. He hasn’t lost all hope and believes that once the pressures of his transfer and his injuries are forgotten and dealt with in a secondary role, without the obligations, he could be crucial.

Rudiger and Defense

Defense will be one of the headaches of the summer valdebebas, Twelve months ago, Madrid renewed luke already carvajal The final performances of 2024 and 2025 and the second, more regular in the final segment of the season, have reassured the spirits of those who asked for reinforcements on the right wing. young man has arrived Vinicius Tobiasof the east power And now in Castilla, and they like it Peter Porro, who made his debut with Spain in the final pair of selections, but appears to have ruled out more important signings. At the center of the defense, Ancelotti wants another piece to turn militao and alaba And to move the Austrian to the left in case of injury ferland mendy, and here it appears Anthony Rudiger, German, who ends his contract with Chelsea, is the first on the list. For the left wing, who has been one of the season’s main problems, Madrid are studying a recovery frank garcia, now in Rio Vallecano. Ancelotti relied on Michael Gutierrez During the start of the course, however, the young squad did not have regularity with the first team for the rest of the year and could go out on loan. A domino with many tiles to choose from.

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