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Madrid without an ‘official’ coach and Espas complains about penalties: “He lacked another whistle and threw it”. LaLiga Santander 2021

Madrid without an 'official' coach and Espas complains about penalties: "He lacked another whistle and threw it".  LaLiga Santander 2021

The defeat of ‘Carletto’ left the whites without attendance in the technical field and press room, something the league could have sanctioned. “I don’t know if we deserved to win,” Courtois admitted.

Aspas, on the right, opposes González Fuertes.Miguel RiopaAFP
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Celtic he went to the celtic forts mountain of santa teclaFeather watchmanat the foot of my river and the boundary between Spain And Portugalto try to warm fight for the league, “Celts vs Vikings”, was the motto of the Vigas team throughout the past week. Real Madrid’s trip to the Galician field, with them uncle caudate The contest was one of the great attractions of the end of the season, in No Man’s Land. ballads, Being the main player in the league result inspired the locals, but three penalties handed by González Fuertes shook Olvi City’s stand to an unexpected level.

“first two They’re Punishment But They’ve Been, Not final from my point of view. She mendy Running ahead, he touches the edge and throws to our defender and it’s our foul in the end. It only took one more whistle to throw him. It seems like What he was looking for is one to go with Benzema’s hat-trickIago Aspas protested.

His captain’s frown was angry Celtic against an almost inactive Madrid, where he only appeared beyond Benzema’s two penalty goals. Thibaut Courtois, Belgium also faced the microphone. ,here we always suffer“Acknowledging the bad image given by the team, the goalkeeper admitted:”I don’t know if we deserve to win“, I confess. Courtois, Fede Valverde and Emilio ButraguoNone of the coaching staff was the only Madridist to speak after the final whistle, in events that the league could sanction.

Ebin Perdomo Alonso, ‘Coach’

Lower Carlo Ancelottipositive for covidWhite left the team without representation from the coaching staff, on television and in the press room. Your son DavidOne who performs the duties of an assistant coach, conducts training sessions and advises his father during matches, has the two basic titles of coach, but does not UEFA Pro License Which allows giving instructions in the technical area of ​​the field and speaking in front of the press. Actually, he sits on the bench with a physical trainer’s license. So like every day, the Friday before Vigo’s trip did not have a press conference. In the minutes of the match, the man acting as Madrid’s ‘head coach’ was Abin Perdomo AlonsoOwner training and methodology of the club, who had already left as ‘assistant coach’ on days 27 and 28 of the match. In fact, hardly any of the Madrid coaching staff got off the bench in the match, only simone montanaroVideo analyzer, for a few seconds.

The absence of statements by Madrid’s coach before and after the match will be studied by the league, which forces clubs to speak to the press before and after each day. As this newspaper learned, TV Control Organ Will analyze the facts of the competition and decide whether to fine the Madrid team or not. On Tuesday, at Stamford Bridge, the Madrid campaign awaits Carlo Ancelotti.

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