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Madrid, which falls in Getafe due to a Militao error, does not return like the leader who went on vacation | LaLiga Santander 2021

 Madrid, which falls in Getafe due to a Militao error, does not return like the leader who went on vacation |  LaLiga Santander 2021

After Enes Unal’s unexpected goal, he is powerless to tie at the Coliseum. Quique tactically prevails over a desperate Ancelotti, who saw a yellow card.

nal celebrates the goal against Militao.Juan Carlos Hidalgo placeholder imageEFE
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The year that has ended started badly for Militao. In his third start, he suffered an expulsion exprs, against Levante, and asked forgiveness on his knees. 2022 does it the same way, although the context has nothing to do with it. The center back turned around in the area with a seemingly controlled ball, an incomprehensible decision for a center-back. In nal, who has woken up with QuiqueHe added paprika and caused the Brazilian to sneeze. The goal, as unexpected as the lottery’s fat in the first few balls, gave the impression of being a random circumstance. The face of Ancelotti, disengaged in the band, presents the opposite. The mistake had been the Brazilian. Blame for defeat, no. The Madrid that left is not the one that has returned. [Narracin y estadsticas: 1-0]

Militao apologized but did not kneel this time. It is also another. A hierarchical central that, together with the magnificent adaptation of Praise, has diluted nostalgia for Sergio Ramos. So there was time for everything in a safe and solvent Madrid. But it was the Madrid that went on vacation, not the one that jumped into the Coliseum, less depleted than expected by this plague biblical what the Covid has become. It is convenient to remember the deceptions of Genesis: “You will be like Gods”.

Without Vinicius, without overflow

Was missing Vinicius among the untouchables. The rest were in the field. To say that a footballer who was ridiculed a year ago, has created dependence in Madrid in a few months is nonsense. But it is not admitting that certain parties need overflow, the player who eliminates pieces and generates spaces where there are none. In Getafe they have disappeared. Quique shared a great band with Mchel at the Bernabu, offensive like few others. But the Getafe that he inherited from the former, as a result of numerous adversities, had only one possible path: to regain confidence and stop losing. Winning is something else and scoring the second goal before the first, a suicide. Defense, defense, defense!

That slogan was a battle cry especially against Madrid, over and above the absences that left the center of the defense a wasteland and forced the entry of Tobacco. Nyom joined at the end. Always with up to nine men behind the ball and a lot of intensity in the disputes, at the limit of the regulation, Quique was more Bordals than Mchel. From now on, continue like that. The future is, for now, sin.

Casemiro, during the game in Getafe.REUTERS

Madrid was not able to discover spaces where they could filter balls to Benzema, so they opted for the launches. Modric force Soria, savior in the denouement before Casemiro, and then he threw to the crossbar. Little more. Nothing else in all a first time of sterile harassment. The end goal was like a treasure, defended by nine from behind the ball. If Getafe had a chance, they left on the left, thanks to Olive, converted into an exceptional lane.

Hazar, in the second half

Ancelotti’s also lacked breadth and depth. The technician had chosen Rodrygo on the left and Asensio on the right. Bad place for the Brazilian, little fire for the Balearic. How should he have observed Hazard not to grant him ownership the day that Vinicius could not play because of his positive. On the other hand, the Belgian gave a good tone in the minutes he had in the second half, it was the best, when Madrid began to exhaust its offensive resources in desperation. In addition to Hazard, they entered first Mariano Y Marcelo, which could be subject to a penalty for a grab in the area of Damin. The doubt was in the intensity. The new VAR needs more. Finally, Ancelotti opted for Isco and Peter, with the same frenzy that replaces their chewing gums. Quique, meanwhile, strengthened in the argument. This is for your mission much more than a victory, than a hill taken on the road to salvation. After seven games without losing, he’s on the road.

For Ancelotti it is only a defeat, it will be said, the first since October, at Cornell, and after achieving a significant advantage over the rivals with whom he believes the title will be played. But a defeat that brings back bad memories, those of the collapse in the second season of his previous stage. He is not as superstitious as Quique, but better to scare them away as soon as possible.

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