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Madrid wants to celebrate the league and save energy for City: Risk Ancelotti with Benzema? , LaLiga Santander 2021

Madrid wants to celebrate the league and save energy for City: Risk Ancelotti with Benzema?  ,  LaLiga Santander 2021

The white team will be the champions in the draw against Espanyol. The coach will do the rotation keeping the city in mind. Forced by absence in most defenses. Bell is injured again.

Benzema celebrated his first goal at the Etihad.john superAP
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Who wants to give the last small step towards the league title? madrid With minimum expenditure of energy, since Manchester City Appear at the Bernabeu four days later. It is like celebrating it, though there is no fatigue that equals the purpose accomplished. That’s why siebels are decorated. One point separates him, nothing else, he can achieve in his stadium against Espanyol, with his public and against an opponent who is on the threshold of 40 points (39), with five games left.

With an unusual advantage for most of the season, the title was already a reality after the Whites’ victory in Seville and the dissolution of ‘Influence’. Xavi‘, because for Bara, it is now a difficult test to compete for nothing, without goals. If Espanyol scored an unexpected victory, it cannot be ruled out that Madrid could be champions due to a good result for Mallorca at Camp Nou on Sunday, three consecutive local defeats (Eintracht, Cdiz and Rayo). view of.

Casemiro, Center

Madrid, therefore, wants to celebrate the title as soon as possible and with its people, but it faces calculated risks that advise caution. To begin with, sanctions cause forced casualties. military You dance and problems praise, which reappeared in Manchester. that force ancelotti To align vallejowho has barely intervened, and improved casemiroOne who also returns from injury as a central circumstance, if he does not choose to opt out Mario Gilaof the subsidiary company, which recorded the call. Lucas Vazquez If he wants to relax he can be the right side carvajal and place to marcelo left side. The Brazilian would go on to become the player with the most titles in Madrid’s history in his final year.

The Italian, this Friday, spoke of the changes, suggested that he speak with Benzema to know their position and did not deny that both the French and vinicius They could have rested, but, as always, they took nothing more than a replacement for the central defenders. There will certainly be changes, but the Italian doesn’t seem like a given for great revolutions, as he believes that, like a good part of his society, the best way to keep a footballer ready is to compete. have to do, and much more in high-segment teams: I’m of the opinion that if a footballer is good, he has to play.

options in the center of the field

modrik, cross either Benzema They are footballers who accumulate more minutes and more years, so rotation likely points to them. I have options in midfield, like with new players camavinga You Ceballos, said the coach, which, on the other hand, left doubts about the player-franchise of the season and for which he does not have a guaranteed replacement. This is Benzema, the man who has also taken Madrid to the Champions League where he belongs. A stumble against Espanyol by the Frenchman would be a tragic one against City. I have to talk to Karim whether he is calm or not. His opinion is important, but in the end the most important is that of the coach, he said ancelottiWho added: I have to save an important player from getting injured.

Substitution of French is not easy, because jovi is injured and the knot It is again. Ancelotti Tests Welshman As ‘Nine’, Also Isco,Asensio You marian, Balearic points, at least, after Manchester, as starter Rodrigo It was on the right.

Given the conditions that are already in the defense to face a very aggressive striker Tom’s Roll, If Ancelotti decides to move the rest of the line as well, Madrid who jumped on the pitch would be more distorted than the coach. A defeat, though unlikely, and the postponement of the title with everything ready will leave a bitter feeling ahead of next Wednesday’s plot. great tennis player, when he has a match ballThey won, Ancelotti said.

The Italian is looking to celebrate the title, something the squad transmitted to him, after a practice that cemented his figure after arriving as a situational substitute after a second scare. Zidane, Everything indicates that it will be the coach who will inaugurate the new Bernaboo.

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