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Madrid celebrates its 35th league in Sibels thinking about City: “Go for Wednesday”

Madrid celebrates its 35th league in Sibels thinking about City: "Go for Wednesday"

“It’s always a pleasure to be back here, it’s also An extra motivation before the game against the city… I smell like this year that it won’t take us long to get back.”

Satisfaction was immediate. Some were already waiting in the vicinity of Sibels for the referee to signal the end of the match against Espanyol. It was a process, a mere formality – especially after Rodrigo’s brace in the first half – which confirmed that Real Madrid it won its 35th league,

With Raul’s 7 on his back, and listening to the final few minutes on a radio, Manuel remained “quieter than other years” on Paseo de los Recoletatos. ,It’s already a tradition, can’t remember”, he gestured excitedly.

And as is the case with customs and folklore, football is full, this man was joined by merengue fans, at first by the drops, until about 6:30 p.m. White Already this central square has been flooded.

Flags and ‘selfies’ in the air

The festival began in slow motion, supported only by music put out by loudspeakers and a speaker I was trying to lift my spirits as much as I could. “You can dance, you can spread happiness, that we are real madrid“, she said without getting much feedback At the dawn of the party.

Those first present were more eager to immortalize that moment, with dopamine still on the surface after a recent conquest. but This dynamic soon changed. Gradually, more energetic fans arrived, especially young people, who poured desire and soul into the celebration.

Madrid fans with their scarves in the air.AFP

“If we hadn’t come today, it would have been tomorrow or next week. But We had no doubt we’d win it todaySaid Sarah, who enjoyed the moment together with her boyfriend and other friends selfie,

The people who were happiest were the younger kids in the house, most of them with the team’s official clothing. radiant white and jumping, or on the shoulders of your parents, Others even showed up in their baby carriages. Like Mattias, whom his father Tony couldn’t stop photographing in front of a giant poster with the word “Champions”. “When I grew up,” Tony frowned, adding: “My father brought me up when I was little and it’s something you never forget. It’s a feeling I couldn’t explain to you. I want to share that same sentiment with him.”

approximately 60,000 attendees

The minute hand moved forward and hundreds of Madridists continued to reach Sibels in a torrent from all directions. Around 6:00 pm Metro de Madrid has already started warning that its trains They will not stop at Banco de Espaa stationMost users resort to landing in Seville or Retiro.

On a giant screen, placed on an improvised stage, the players’ celebration was broadcast on the lawn of the Santiago Bernabeu. There they could see how Marcelo, the captain White, took the league trophy to the skies of Madrid,

Plaza de Cibeles is full of meringue fans.AFP

By then the atmosphere had changed. It was like a festival, with the comings and goings of madridistas and spectators who were already crumbling this crossroads. Overall, according to official figures, About 60,000 people gathered, who sang the club’s anthem every time they raised their hands to the loudspeakers or waved their flags. There was also no shortage of improvised songs sung by some believers, which went from “With You I Will Be”. For “How can I not love you”.

As the peak moment drew near, Arrival of Footballers in SibelesA large section of fans flocked to both sides of the Recoletas to get a closer look at the champion’s bus. Ramon and Clara, along with other couples, guarded a tribe of six young children who, hopefully, waited to lean over the blue containment fence.

“It is much more than a celebration, it is a day to share with family and friends. we always get together in siebelsAnd I hope we continue to do so,” Ramon slipped. A few meters away from him, Damien, a Chilean who had arrived in the capital a year and a half ago, attended his first merengue ceremony, to so many people. People amazed at what they didn’t expect to see.”It’s amazing what drives this teamLook how it is. I don’t want to imagine if we won the Champions League.”

goddess’s scarf

Just as crowded, or more so, there were a few bars on Calle Alcala that served beer to the thirsty. Queues up to 20 meters to cool down. ,You have to hydrate, it’s so hot”Pointing to a Madridista fan while saving his turn.

And he was not wrong. Huge crowds gathered in Siebels with mild temperatures, giving ground-breaking views of those affected by the heatstroke. Little fears that don’t overshadow the moment of greatest excitement: Arrival of convertible bus, with trophy clearly visibleAnd some players who went on tour to Castellana and Recoletas achieved success, greeting and toasting with their people.

Marcelo, the man with the most titles in the club’s history, was in charge of placing a flag on the neck of the goddess Sibeles and traditional scarf on her crownat what point the sound we are champions Queen’s. A shower of confetti culminated in the night where Merengue fans looked at their coach, Carlo Ancelotti, took the microphone and began to sing, or at least tried, and to whom they heard the shouted promise that everyone wanted to hear. : “Go for Wednesday.”

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