Lyon fulfill Barra’s European dream by scoring three goals in half an hour

Lyon fulfill Barra's European dream by scoring three goals in half an hour

Barcelona 1 Olympiad de Lyon 3

Blagrana was surpassed by the French champions, who added their eighth continental title. “We have everything we lack”, recognized Alexia Putelas

The players of Bara thank the public for their support.Of. HuescaEFE

Glory in football is not eternal. It is chased, sometimes it grazes and at others, fast and precise, it escapes. olympique de lyon taught a lesson to Bara In return, a landslide with a message: We’re going to postpone our oblivion. They were clinging to their eighth European Cup, pushing the team to pull it off. He didn’t give him the slightest chance and wrapped up the 14,000 Blagrana supporters that populated the Juventus Stadium, who stood in tears he couldn’t hold back. alexia putelas, Pain and helplessness for the team that fuels the spirit of women’s football in Spain.

team could not Jonathan Girdez To prevent the half-hour thunderstorm of the French. Barra needed to sink in, bask in his wounds and try to find the football that took him to the end. it was not easy. In a fast-paced game, he was hit by one blow after another, until he scored three goals in the 33rd minute. That was not the plan. The tight final between the illustrious French team and the illustrious team that had succeeded them in European women’s football history was colorless. As in 2019, the French revolted and managed to handcuff a bara that fell to the rescue, with his star falling asleep and without colliding. Quite the opposite of Lyon, who stuck Ada Hederberg To strike more and more definite.

Like in that final in Budapest, a landslide began in the 6th minute, when Amandine Henry He stole the ball from Alexia and with a very far cross shot it into Sandra Paos’ squad. Looking for answers, Mariana filtered a pass behind the defense which was converted into a cross by Aitana Bonmatt. jennifer beautiful That Endler’s hand prevented it from being drawn. It looked like Barra was about to shake off the pressure of a Lyon who lost his right back carpenter I took advantage of it for the hurt rolf To stress the ball to Hermoso, but acceleration was not possible.

Without stopping, with Alexia and without a hit, the second French goal came. A child center is led by Ada Hegerberg in the face of the passivity of the Barca defense. Neither Mapi Lane nor Paos read the movement of the Norwegian, who scored his sixth goal in the Champions League final. After 20 months away from the fields due to a serious knee injury, she wanted to be a hero. So much so that he had two more chances to make a third, which didn’t take long.

Chain error after a loss in midfield hit the ball at the far post where it appeared Macarius To round out the score, Paos saved another shot from Hegerberg to prevent him from showing a boundary.

Lyon players lift their eighth European Champions Trophy.EFE

Alexia’s goal and Guizarro’s crossbar

Barra reacts against the ropes at the edge of the brake. Hansen threw the ball into the penalty spot where it was visible alexia From the second row between the French centers to give a little hope.

The domination on the scoreboard was so overwhelming that Blame could not reduce it further. They were trying to force their style from the locker room, winning the individual doubles for Lyon and looking for a goalkeeper, but their best chance was a powerful shot. petri pebbles who crashed into the crossbar. With Lyon efficiently managing their gains, this was impossible. “We have a little bit of everything. It hurts me so much that it ended like this.” Only this can explain to Alexia Putelas in an afternoon of despair.

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