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Lukaku, Pogba, Di Mara, Dybala: familiar and new faces of Serie A

Some figures have returned to Italy this summer and are trying to achieve their best level abroad

Dybala during a match with Roma.Angelo CarconiEFE

Italian football hasn’t been a hero at the highest European level for years, but the local championship, which starts this Saturday, has more resemblance to the usual iconic club since the end of Juventus’ long reign. Some figures this summer have returned to Transalpine Country and are trying to recover to their best level; While other big names have changed teams. Here are the top ten market moves so far:

Lukaku. gap

Never quite comfortable at Chelsea, he returned on loan just a year after leaving the club, where he scored 64 goals in his two best seasons as a professional. aslani, onana You Khitaryan They complete the list of signings for the Nerazzurri club.

Pogba. Juventus

After six very erratic seasons at Manchester United, he returned to the club that made him one of the best midfielders in the world. A pre-season injury would miss him from the start of the competition and put the World Cup at risk.

say maria. Juventus

At 34, but still showing a good level, the Argentine left PSG free and chose Juve. Perhaps to form an offensive trident together as the ultimate experience in elite football vlahovics and recovered church,

Bremer. Juventus

Juve have not hesitated to pay their neighbors in Torino 40 million for the Brazilian centre-back. Last year he was pointed to by many as the best central defender in Serie A. In addition, they would have the mission of supplying critical casualties. de ligta You chileni,

Kindness. Rome

This has been the soap opera of the summer. After not renewing with Juve, his signing for Inter seemed certain; But it took time for the agreement to materialize. morinho I assured him. He was received like an idol by a hobby devoted to the new project.

Wijnaldum. Rome

Because of the current champion conference league is expanded under the wardrobe with Celik You swilarBut above all he has strengthened the midfield with the experience of matic And the Dutch from PSG. The minimum goal for the Romans this year should be to finish in the top four… and who knows if they’ll even fight shield,

From Catlayer. Milan

of the title contenders. Curiously, the current champion is the one who has been the least strong so far. Just a few days ago, his star signing was done for 35 million. This young Belgian midfielder who has shown interest in several other prestigious clubs after standing out in Bruges in recent years. OriginalAnother Belgian, comes free from Liverpool.

Quartskhelia. npoles

The notes have allowed the exit of the symbol such as Specific, mertens either Koulibalyk, And he has been replaced by a Georgian winger and a Korean centre-back. Said that way it sounds tempting, but the Georgian is the lean player who impressed against Spain last year and whose great precision made him the now-revealed player option.

Jovic. fiorentina

The Serbian striker is the mainstay of a historic player for Real Madrid who returns to Europe this year after finishing seventh last season. Mario Gila You Maximian They also come from the Spanish league, in this case Sarri’s to Lazio, one of the contenders to be on top.

Matteo Pesina. monza

Italian International from Atlanta. He is one of 18 signings by the recently promoted club from the north of Milan, the latest ‘toy’ berlusconi You galliani,

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