Luis Enrique:

“There are many positive things and things to be corrected. I am with high spirits to prepare what remains,” says the Spanish coach

Luis Enrique, through the coaching of the Spanish Soccer Group.PIERRE-PHILIPPE MARCOUAFP
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The Spanish coach, Luis Enrique Martínez, has assured that he’s “with full morale” to face this Sunday’s sport in opposition to Georgia and have remembered that they rely on themselves to be within the Qatar World Cup 2022, regardless of the arduous stumble final Thursday earlier than Sweden, and recalled that they’re “used to overcoming difficulties of any kind.”

“It is not up to us to pass as first in November, but it is up to us to be in the next World Cup, with the play-off assured. If we look at the trajectory of the national team in the last Nations league and Eurocup, Spain and Italy they are the only teams that have been in the top four. Of the last 10 games, except for yesterday’s loss, we had only lost against Ukraine“, he declared at a press convention.

As well as, he assured that he sees all his gamers “focused on their work.” “We depend on us to go to the World Cup; even if Sweden won all their games and we were second, by winning the playoff games we would go to the World Cup. If there is something we are used to, it is to overcome difficulties of any kind. After the match we were affected by it. As a result, it is normal, but the next day you bite the bullet and forget some points that you will not be able to recover and you think about the next game, “he defined.

On this sense, the Asturian coach affirmed that he’s “more optimistic” than after the assembly on the Pals Area from Solna. “It happens to all of us after adverse results. There are many positive things and things to correct. In terms of football, we could have improved transitions, there are individual errors in passing, positioning, rivalry … I am with the morale to cap to prepare what remains, “he mentioned.

“Football is a game of errors. There are individual and collective errors, the success of the Swedish players in front of goal is remarkable. The prevailing equality in European and world football makes it very difficult to win games. Tomorrow against Georgia we will return to have difficulties, “he added. “Another would go to save 1-0, not us,” he mentioned.

He additionally appealed to deal with the duel of the New Nursery in view of Georgia. “In the game of the first round we won in the last minute. It will be complicated for sure,” he mentioned, and requested for the help of the Spanish followers. “What I would say to the fans is that it is a vital support. We hope to have that support and that it gives us wings, especially if we are in difficulties,” he mentioned.

“We suffer verbal violence and you are more concerned about my response”

In one other vein, he spoke of the alleged ‘comb’ that he would have devoted to a fan after the sport in opposition to Sweden. “I find it very funny that professionals suffer verbal violence and you are more concerned about what my response is. It was an insult. I am used to them, but it seems that it is more interesting what the response of the person who suffers violence is, and you do not condemn the fact, “he mentioned.

Lastly, Luis Enrique was “delighted” with the state of type of Eric Garcia. “Eric has started the season in a brilliant way. He is in perfect condition. We suffered in the transitions, but also Laporte. I am delighted with his performance,” he concluded in regards to the Barça center-back.