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Lots of tears, TVs off and a hotel room: Carolina Marn’s way to the European Championships in Madrid

Lots of tears, TVs off and a hotel room: Carolina Marn's way to the European Championships in Madrid

A year later, after breaking his knee and missing the Tokyo Games, he returned to Madrid in search of a sixth consecutive continental title. “After the injury, Carolina had to go through a duel, we left the racket in the closet,” explains her coach Fernando Rivas.

Carolina Marn during training at CAR in Madrid.Angel NavarreteWorld

“I was limited. I was locked up at home for a few days due to covid and I was only on Zoom with an engineer who helps me with the analysis of the training sessions. Carolina [Marn], see that anders [Thomsen, el entrenador asistente] He called me and called me and I hung up every time until I thought: “Something happened”. “It’s broken, it’s broken,” Anders began to tell me. I asked her to call me on a video call and while I was able to talk to Carolina, she was still on the floor. it was difficult. it was very hard”.

tells Ferdinand Rivaso, coach of Carolina Marn, the nightmare every Olympic champion fears. Last June, a month before the Tokyo Games, the badminton world budding player broke her left knee and had to leave the appointment. As Marn confesses, he cried a lot. I kept crying all day. He gets tired of crying. It wasn’t until two days later that he got out of bed thinking about the 2024 Paris Games. And on the same day, fortunately, her coach Rivas tested negative for coronavirus. The union of the two since childhood was a song of optimism.

“Worst thing that could happen to us”

“We sat down and had a long conversation. ‘This is the worst thing that could happen to us, but it is what it is. We can only look forward and Paris is not that far away.’ That was the message. And Carolina, at least her analytical side, it was very clear to me. But I still had to go through the duel, work on it. Unlike the first knee injury, this time we gave ourselves a lot of time given. We left the racket in the closet and Carolina had days to spend with family and friends. There was no rush and the important thing was to heal her emotionally. From the Tokyo Olympics, in fact, He and I both saw very little. Turning on the television was nothing pleasant”.

Now Maran is back. After a nearly perfect year without competition, after several setbacks in recovery, such as a cyst in the outer meniscus and the coronavirus itself, Marn reappears this Tuesday as the star of the European Championships held in Gallur, Madrid. In the last five editions of the continental tournament, they won without losing a single set, but now everything is different. or is believed to be so. Any analysis should point to this as a very favorite, it comes from an earlier concentration at the Sierra Nevada High Performance Center and yet…

“The goal is to compete”

“We are not in the logic of winning. Right now our goal is to compete, get Anand right and see if the knee is ready. Five consecutive Europeans are not worth much anymore. Carolina has trained very well in recent weeks Yes, we are satisfied with the level, for the game, for the sensations, but there should be no attention. If you ask me about the priority, then for me it is to enjoy, enjoy and enjoy. A lot of pressure around It will happen, there are many expectations and this is not a good time to manage all this.”

Angel NavarreteWorld

Marn plays at home, more than four years ago when she won the European Championship in Huelva, as she has lived in Madrid since she was a child and there will be no one who doesn’t look up to her. Not only that, he is leaving his apartment in the city to settle in a hotel these days, as he wants to compete as if he were in any other city. A knee injury, assures Rivas, won’t condition his badminton, but the pressure could be.

In any case, no matter what, the European will only have a station on the way to the World Cup this August, right in Tokyo, and especially for the 2024 Paris Games. He’ll be 31 and he doesn’t care: without another Olympic gold he won’t win. Going to withdraw though feels suffocating and annoying at times. Though the memories of those tears, of that dramatic video call with Fernando Rivas, those weeks without the racket, remain in memory.

European badminton, still far from its level

Without her serious injury last year, Carolina Marn will appear practically champion before the start of the European Championship at the Gallur Sports Center in Madrid. Despite efforts from countries such as Denmark, badminton on the continent is still far from Asian badminton, with the exception of Spain. The second European in the world ranking is Danish. mia blichfelt, fourteenth, and it can hardly be considered a threat. In the 2018 European final, Marn had, in fact, defeated him in straight sets. Another classic adversary is usually Scottish. Kirsty GilmourWhich the Spaniard has won in seven of his nine matches.

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