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Lewandowski already flies to Barcelona. LaLiga Santander 2021

The striker scored two goals and hit the woodwork twice in a victory for the Barça team against Valladolid.

Robert Lewandowski scored Barcelona’s third goal against Valladolid.AP

quit Robert Lewandowski For strikers of another era, in which crow’s feet define not the footballer, but his aura. His duty with the goal. Dhruv flew against Valladolid to simulate the foreboding Cruyff from this point of view Queen in 1973. And he diverted his conscience by pulling his spur into a more unnatural position. ball brush joaquindrowned masippoAnd ended where Levandowski always marks the final frontier: networks. [Narracin y estadsticas: 4-0]

Jose Rojo Pacheta, with 2-0 against, decided to turn around and return to his bench. Valladolid Koch says he is influenced by sounds, not so much by images. And that Camp Nou, where his team suffered torture this Sunday, is capable of dragging you into extreme agony when fans and footballers arrive at the meeting. That was what happened. The people of Valladolid could do little against the new Barcelona, ​​a team full of talent and irreverence xavi hernandez It starts to make sense. His enclosure is already flying. and it does without bickering nor jordi alba,

It is true that competitive ability will have to be measured in high-level doubles – the Champions League group stage, for example – but what was shown in their duel against Valladolid goes far beyond shooting the green. Not only because of the aggression under pressure that held Pacheta’s men in their territory or because of a dynamism that does not diminish. In the end, Xavi’s Barcelona intends to acquire a personality of its own, marked by a tremendous amount of extremes – of cleanliness and intelligence. rafinha for the unpredictability of Dembley, an auctioneer, Lewandowski’s presence on the field, who weighs in on both scoring (he already has four goals) and dragging traps; or protectors, who, in their elaborate work, draw an umbilical cord with the interior Eric Garca to open pedri You Kaund learn to understand Gavic,

Kaund debut

Despite months of asset sales or lever-pulling, as the people in the box like to call it, it wasn’t enough for Jules Cound to be registered as a Barcelona footballer in the first two match days. The former Sevilla player, confused over the salary limit, eventually appeared as a right-back against Valladolid as the president. Joan Laporta And its treasurer supported the registration, yes, with its assets. Sign of the urgency with which a club is being governed that rejects the temptation of the war economy in the hope that the rise of the sport will be immediate. The confusion pays off in this football. And Laporta, who showed up at the Camp Nou box with her eye to go viral but with a smile from ear to ear, must have been accused of reasons prior to her maneuvers of financial wizardry.

Laporta points his black eye at the box.EFE

Rafinha, whose signature was questioned because of its high price or the identities of commission agents, completed a stellar performance while still holding the power. made life miserable zamindar on the right bank and provided as many quality crosses as possible. I saw Lewandowski head to Barca’s first big opportunity, which ended with the ball hitting the post and goalkeeper Masip’s back. And Rafinha tried again, with an even more tense assist, even better directed between the center back and the goalkeeper. Although the coronation required the flight of Lewandowski’s raised leg.

Dembele, who came to test the stability of the crossbar with a hard kick, found Pedri 2-0 with a coral scent. arauzzo Stole, Busquets made sense, Demble picked up pace as Lewandowski dragged, and Pedri, now alone on the balcony, defied sweetly.

Pacheta tried to respond to his people. That, despite the pain, they would lift their chin. But neither Xavi’s change eased the pressure, nor ter stegen he lowered his arms – he took a goal sergio leone The first time the spotlight hit him – Lewandowski didn’t even miss his chance to score his second goal back. He was already in front of him at 4-0 when Massip denied a shot over the crossbar and Sergi Roberto had nothing else to support.

It was the culmination of the day that Barcelona fans, perhaps rightly, set up as a starting point.

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Reference from www.elmundo.es

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