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Levante, before the end of its suffering: three coaches, six victories and the pending presidential test

Levante, before the end of its suffering: three coaches, six victories and the pending presidential test

Real Madrid-Levante (9:30 pm)

Real Madrid’s win at the Bernabeu this Thursday will end a model club relegation after a season of mistakes.

Levante captain Jose Luis Morales.EFE

Only six wins in 36 league games, 67 goals against three coaches and the longest streak of consecutive games without a win in the league (27). I picked The other has one leg and the agony could be its last chapter this Thursday if it ain’t green real madrid, Burnaboo can see the glory of the champions and the bitterness of those who have been expelled from the First Division, a fate against which Granotus has revolted too late. It is not impossible for the team to come out alive, as they have scored points in three of their last four visits, but victory will also depend on what their opponents do. kadizu And this grenade in the last two days. Salvation sounds like a fantasy.

How can a model club, a Cup semifinalist a year ago and consolidated in the First Division, break up? Because football charges dearly for every mistake on the pitch and in the office. since that goal strong In extra time, which left them on the verge of a cup final, the club suffered setbacks.

The first stage was to lengthen paco lopez Without faith in sports management. It had been five years of growth, stability and substantial savings, but the team closed last season. without winning a game since April 10There were no sales that lightened the accounts and circulated the locker room and the arrival was not a plus either: Roberto Soldado injured and mustafi months without competing. The start was not good.

Eight days later, the Levante fell to the dynasty and another error occurred: the President. Quico Catalan announced the dismissal of the technician, causing a blow equal to the election of his replacement, Javier Pereira, a technician with no first-class experience, who took more than a week to leave China to take the reins. It was only two months earlier that he was replaced with the entire playing field that had chosen him. Their balance in seven matches was three draws, four losses and a sense of dissolution.

Quico Cataln hugs Paco López on the day of his farewell.EFE

resuscitation maneuver was assigned to alessio lisky, the young Italian who shone in the lower ranges and directed the assistant. He had to pay the price for believing in committed players as captain Jose Luis Morales that they were in time to make amends and found support in the arrival of Felipe Miambres sports management.

First win: January 8

The first victory came on 8 January, but by then Levante had accumulated 27 consecutive days without a win, a record in the First Division, and added only eight points. Lisky alters system during alleged takeoff, players’ injuries appear as follows of fruit or roger, the repetition of Campaign and doubts that were in control or that led them to avoid the mad, such as the duel against Barra in Ciutat. But smart team.

Of the six victories achieved, three have been in the last six matches, in a sprint that will be cut short by a good squad that is led by legends such as Aarey You Morales, fifth in the national scorers’ table with 12 goals. His tears after a few games have been a reflection of an inevitable fate that ends with the best podium in the club’s history.

President under review

Exiles never come at a good time, but Levante has had its most complicated five years today. The pandemic and market paralysis eroded his income and increased his debt. The board of directors went into debt to remodel the stadium and build a new sports complex in the Maritime District of Nazareth and, although relieved by the arrival of the CVC, the financial balance was due to be in the first class. he knows Quico CatalanWhich, after years of acclaimed management, announced that it would undergo a shareholder review to assess its presidency at the end of a session that would end in suspense.

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