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Left foot fails Nadal again, he has doubts for Roland Garros

Left foot fails Nadal again, he has doubts for Roland Garros

He had a comeback in his scaphoid ailments against Shapovalov in the round of 16 (1-6, 7-5, 6-2).

Crestfallen Nadal during a match against Shapovalov.EFE

Pain in the scaphoid of his left leg, a chronic disease that has lasted for more than a decade, reappeared yesterday for Rafa Nadal, who worried much deeper than only his defeat against Denis Shapovalov in the Round of 16 Left Rome with ( 1-6, 7-5, 6-2). Just 11 days after the start of Roland Garros, the 21 Majors champion is again suffering injuries. His first prediction, from the Campo Centrale press room, did not even point to an exact address. “I don’t know how I’ll be in a few days. I’ll talk to my doctor and I hope to be able to travel to Paris.”

In late March, ngel Ruiz Cottoro received Nadal at his clinic in Barcelona to treat a fissure in the third costal arch that occurred during the semi-finals in Miami. Therefore, the doctor was more than optimistic about Majorcan’s recovery, that he would meet his deadline to return to Madrid. Since then his passion was to add hours to the clay. But the required stuff has been reduced to five games. And this sabbatical compromises their grand goal of the year: the fourteenth Musketeers Cup.

Yesterday, during the first break from the third set, obvious symptoms of lameness caused a ruckus in Nadal’s box. From there, Francis Roig and Mark López tried to demonstrate encouragement, while Rafa struggled to stay on track. Avoiding abandonment at any cost, the final games represented torture. After giving up three free games, the Spaniard could only manage five points from the last 19 in contention.

“I’m not injured. I’m a tennis player who lives with an injury,” he admitted after the loss, finishing in 159 minutes. First against a southpaw in nearly three years. Because it was Shapovalov himself in Paris-Bercy 2019 who was able to go around that wall. The fifth set of the last Australian Open is still in memory, there were reasons to expect something like this from the Canadian, always with a gap in his shots and with a portion of the constant risk that the opponent knows to corner. When he feels capable of relentlessly imposing his over-aggressive tennis, he becomes a formidable adversary. And if you add the concentration part to these qualities, even Nadal can be overwhelmed.

Organizers had yesterday amended the initial schedule to allow for a stay of fans, extending the wait to an hour. The omission would have added a point of tension for Shapovalov, an already rowdy man with a tendency to lose his way against someone as strong as Nadal. The beauty of his blows impresses as much as his mental disorder frustrates. And from his first turn for the serve, Nadal figured out a thread to take advantage of.

Just one day after breaking John Isner’s serve four times, this man from Mancor was taking another step forward in his game. Even when the Canadian opened more than a meter to widen the angle of the blow, Nadal didn’t hesitate. Shapovalov’s first service turn lasted more than eight minutes, forcing three balls to lift. break, That stuff, would definitely be a big help. his imposition RunMinimizing errors, Rafa made two breaks that would define the first set.

A 6-1 preponderance, resolved in 43 minutes, could undermine the confidence of Shapovalov, who had fallen earlier than expected in Rotterdam and Doha, down from 110th against two rivals. Therefore, the options for their existence in the restoration may be clarified. But unlike the beginning, that Tessitura only heralded his resurrection. With 35 winning points, including 13 . also includes acesDennis turned the situation around with astonishing ease. He wasn’t even going to regret the disappointment of wasting two golf balls. break In the eighth game of the second round. not one set ball As soon as it was two hours in the tenth, his time came. Oh, Nadal lost his leg. And the third set was just agonizing.

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