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Laporta, on Haaland: “Everything is possible if it is done well and I am sure it will turn out very well”

Laporta, on Haaland:

Presentation by Ferran Torres

The Norwegian, also a target of Real Madrid and other greats in Europe, sneaks into the presentation with Bara of a Ferran Torres that the club is convinced could be registered

Ferran Torres (i) and Joan Laporta (d)ALEJANDRO GARCAEFE
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The great protagonist of the day in the Camp Nou it had to be Ferran torres. Not surprisingly, the brand new Bara signing was going to be officially presented to his new fans. But in the end, Erling Haaland’s name was heavily featured at the event. So much so that, to a large extent, he ended up grabbing a lot of the attention that, in principle, was going to go to the former City forward. Especially when the president, Joan Laporta, He left his possible arrival at the club more than open next summer.

“With Ferran we made the exception of launching for his signing before having a salary margin, but we are working from the sports management to have it and, at the same time, to plan the next season. The technical secretary does not cease in the effort to go building a great team. Everything is possible if it is done well and I am sure it will turn out very well “, pointed out the maximum Barça leader as soon as the name of Haaland jumped to the fore. Next summer, he can leave Borussia Dortmund in exchange for 75 million euros and his great performance has made him a highly desired piece not only by the Barcelona club, but also by other clubs, including his great rival, Real Madrid.

“We are working from the technical secretariat to have a competitive team. We started with this incorporation, which is fundamental for us and for our coach, Xavi, who supported the operation from the beginning. That is why we have Ferran Torres in a team that is undergoing reconstruction. Everything is possible. Bara continues to be a reference in the world of football, we are recovering our specific weight and all the great players are contemplating the option of coming. We have to work very well at the sporting and economic level, but everything is progressing well and everything is possible, “insisted a Laporta who only slightly modified his speech when asked if the option of signing Haaland could be considered as something realistic.

“Talking about a player does not benefit us, the only thing it does is increase his value. We work to reinforce the positions that the coach wants to reinforce, and we are working on it. We incorporate Ferran Torres, and we like the fact that he is Valencian, because Catalans and Valencians are first cousins. Bara is a reference in the market, all the important players have it as such and we work to improve a team that is undergoing reconstruction “, slipped in this case the Barça president, who, however, did not take too long to recover his more optimistic speech.

“Everyone can already prepare because we have returned, and wanting to do very well. We work day by day so that Bara regains the specific weight it should have. And I perceive that we are achieving it. The proof is the desire that Ferran has shown to come here. The resurgence is a reality, the market has realized. Everyone is ready, because I am convinced that we are going to continue improving the team to achieve the successes we want, “he reiterated. For now, the first thing is to sign up the former City player. An especially arduous task, although the football director, Mateu alemany, is more than convinced that it will be successful: “The reality is that When we signed Ferran we knew that we had no salary limit, and we assumed this situation. There are different routes and we are convinced that we will be able to have it registered with a view to the date when it should be already available. That is our goal. “

For this, and for some more signing to arrive, of course, there must be exits. For now, Dani alves be registered between this Monday and tomorrow, thanks in part to the fact that the Kun Agero will resign his second year of contract after his retirement as a professional. And a key player, in the case of Ferran Torres, may be a Ousmane Dembl to whom a whole ultimtum was thrown. “There is no meeting scheduled for today, despite what has come out. They know very well the position of the club, that we want them to stay, and they have had an offer on the table for a long time. Not much more can be said. “It is not my turn to talk about hypotheses. We await a definitive answer from you and, from there, we will take action”, Alemany explained. What the club is very clear about, according to the president, is that the agreement with CVC, right now, is not an option.

“The winter market does not depend on CVC, the operation as planned implies more debt and more debt is something that we do not consider,” said Laporta. “The operation with CVC is not contemplated with the terms and conditions that have been raised to us. The Bara does not need more debt, but income with which to work. We already said it, we remain open, but to an approach that is in accordance with the needs of Barcelona. As it is currently proposed, we do not see it interesting for Bara, “said the president.

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