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Katir breaks her third record in Spain 10 days from Tokyo: “How am I!”

Katir breaks her third record in Spain 10 days from Tokyo:

The Spanish runner has pulverized the best mark of the 3,000 meters in almost two seconds.

Katir celebrates at the finish line.AP
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At Gateshead, on the last appointment of the Diamond League before Tokyo, closed Mohamed Katir his summer journey of Spanish records, beating the 3,000 meters by performing 7: 27.64 and taking another step towards international stardom. A place where it has already settled, on whose heights it is consolidated and from which it announces its candidacy for the most ambitious companies.

After her records of 1,500 and 5,000, Katir ran the three kilometers in those 7: 27.64. A superb brand that greatly improves the 7: 29.34 that it will make Isaac Vicious in Oslo on July 9, 1998. In addition, a European record at the time. The current one, in charge of the Belgian Mohammed Mourhit (7: 26.42), dates from the year 2000. To affirm that Katir can beat him at the first or second of change is not daring.

The race, once the “hares” had been removed, was a duet in C major between Katir and the tall australian Stewart mcsweyn, the Oceana record holder (7: 28.02), a man of, in addition, 3: 29.51 in the 1,500, who tried in vain to distance the Spaniard. The others watched the scene from the breathless and helpless distance. In the final stretch, Katir, majestic, without decomposing the figure, with the energies so evident that they seemed intact, left McSweyn and his twitchy grin, many meters behind. The Australian, however, made a “mark” (7: 28.94) that further enhances Katir’s. Far, but worthy, they finished in two individual best personal records, Fernando Carro (eleventh with 7: 41.20) and Sergio Jimnez (thirteenth with 7: 47.95).

The 3,000 are not an Olympic distance. But they are programmed frequently and have had as chronometric kings to Sad aouita, Nourredine Morceli Y Daniel komen (current record holder). Stars like Haile Gebrselassie, Kenenisa Bekele or Hicham el Guerrouj they have approached them and occupy the high parts of the historical lists.

Katir is twinned in modern times with Jos Luis Gonzlez, which, after beating them several times, simultaneously met the same three records (1,500, 3,000 and 5,000) in the 1980s. And, furthermore, the mile record, established in 1985 and still included (3: 47.79). It is the oldest in Spanish athletics and of still intact value. Nor is the mile an Olympic distance. But its prestige is enormous, especially in the Anglo-Saxon world. The best 1,500 runners have also been mile record holders: Herb Elliott, Peter Snell, Jim ryun, Sebastian Coe, Steve Ovett, Steve Cram, Nourredine Morceli, Hicham el Guerrouj (current owner) …

Katir is in multiple chronometric disposition to remove Gonzlez from his ancient but brilliant pedestal. And it is necessary to wonder if, given their capabilities and by extrapolation of the numbers, the records of 800 and 10,000, the two tests at the ends of the midfield and the bottom on the track, are also within reach. Too short one? Too long the other? It’s too early to tell. This has only just begun for Katir, who is only 23 years old. We’ll see…

For now, in the immediate future, we are looking forward to Tokyo. Katir run the 5,000. His marks, his state of form, his intelligence in the race, his self-confidence (“How am I!”, He yelled at the end of the test and before leaving the track) allow us to harbor the highest hopes. Everyone, and he before anyone else, is aware that a medal is a reward of the highest value and, therefore, of equivalent difficulty. But aspiring to conquer it is at this moment a thought that is no less realistic ideal.