Home Sport Katir breaks Cacho’s historic record in 1,500 meters

Katir breaks Cacho’s historic record in 1,500 meters

Katir breaks Cacho's historic record in 1,500 meters

The athlete of Moroccan origin stops the clock in 3: 28.76, just eight hundredths of the European record of Jakob Ingebrigtsen.

Katir and Cheruiyot, after crossing the finish line in the Louis II de Mnaco.REUTERS

Diamond League. Mnaco, July 9, 2021. A competition, a place and a date for the best history of Spanish athletics. In about 1,500 splendorous under all points of view, names and brands, Mohamed Katir broke the record for Spain with 3: 28.76. Super the 3: 28.95 that Fermn Cacho achieved in Zrich in the distant 1997 and that at the time were a European record. Katir fell within eight hundredths of the current record of Jakob Ingebrigtsen (3: 28.68).

Katir dazzled and just bowed before Timothy Cheruiyot and his arrogant 3: 28.28. And he left behind, no less, Ingebrigtsen himself (3: 29.25), Stewart mcsweyn (3: 29.51), Charles simotwo (3: 30.30), Marcin lewandowski (3: 30.42), Samuel Tefera (3: 30.71), etc. A barrage of national and health records the outcome of an impressive career.

Katir’s season is amazing. On June 10, I broke in Florence, with 12: 50.79, Spain’s record of 5,000, in the race in which Jakob Ingebrigtsen did the same with the one in Europe (12: 48.45). Participate in Tokyo in those 5,000. Given its intrinsic quality and its current form, having the greatest illusions is not unreasonable. With this man born in Morocco still promising 23 years ago and living in Mula (Murcia) since he was five, Spain has a versatile and truly world-class midfielder.