Karanka’s Challenge: Eight hours by car from Bilbao to Granada, five years in England and the defeat against Simeone that Mourinho epitomized. LaLiga Santander 2021

 Karanka's Challenge: Eight hours by car from Bilbao to Granada, five years in England and the defeat against Simeone that Mourinho epitomized.  LaLiga Santander 2021

Athletic – Grenada (19.00)

The Basque coach has six games to defend the Granada team. He was Mou’s right hand at Madrid and his biggest achievement on the bench was promotion with Middlesbrough.

Aitor Karanka during his first training session with Granada.Miguel Angel MolinaEFE
  • Straight Atlético-Grenada (19.00)
  • First this is the classification

Google Maps says it takes (depending on speed or toll) eight to nine hours to complete the slightly more than 800 kilometers that separate Bilbao from Granada by car. Obviously, as long as there is no longer a halt than usual. On Monday morning, neither too late nor too early, Aitor Karanka (Vittoria, 1973) got into his vehicle and, suddenly, at around 8:00 p.m. in the Ciudad Deportiva of the Nazarene club. The Basque coach, who is making his debut as head coach in the Spanish First Division (he managed Middlesbrough in the Premier League), visited the facilities and immediately began working with his staff. He knows he has no time to lose, as there are six games left and Grenada keeps his throat full of water. After the victory of Mallorca, it occupies one of the three relegation places.

And although yesterday he got up as early as possible, landed at the club facilities at about 8:00, he arrived a few minutes late for his presentation. Two busy days before going to Wanda Metropolitano this afternoon. A landscape that commands respect, but from where Majorca You I picked, his two rivals now walked away with the win. You have to find the reason why they’re not performing like other years, they argued on their debut in suit and tie, before putting on their tracksuits. If they didn’t believe they wouldn’t come, he warned before a tough duel against Atletico forced to win to continue paddling towards the next Champions League.

In short, the rojiblanco team was one of their last three rivals in Spain. Between 2010 and 2013, Karanka worked as an assistant coach for Real Madrid, always by his friend’s side. Jose MourinhoWhose excesses (sometimes) and eccentricities (others) made it possible to see Basque coaches, on more than one occasion, in the press room and on the sidelines.

On the night of May 17, 2013, the Copa del Rey final against Atlético on the Barnabu pitch won the first national title. Diego Pablo Simeon And it became a bitter affair for Mou in Madrid. Same for them, who led the white team in that final from minute 75 to minute 120 due to heat with a red card from the Portuguese.

Mau’s Call

One of the first calls to congratulate him on signing for Granada was Jose (without accent), as he calls him. Years earlier, in November 2013, Mourinho recommended that he accept the challenge from Middlesbrough, a championship team at the time. Both the agency Gestifut D. are property of George Mendes, With the English team (169 games) he would be promoted to the Premier in 2016. This is his biggest achievement on the bench. He would later spend a year at Nottingham Forest (2018–19) and eight months at Birmingham (2020-21), the second tier of English football.

And for just over a year, Karanka has been waiting for her turn at her home in Bilbao. On Monday, he did not hesitate to spend eight hours in his car, waiting for an opportunity. probably trust that Granada, where the former coach’s ship was wrecked Robert Morenowhere the interim fire could not be extinguished ruben torecilla (one win, one draw and three losses in five matches), it can be a pleasant place to settle on the league’s benches.

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