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Kamada’s double face, Intracto’s dangerous mirror

Real Madrid – Intract (9:00 pm)

The Japanese, the key to Eintracht’s success in the Europa League and who matured his football at the Japanese nursery in Belgium, fights against irregularity. “It has arrival, verticality and quality”, explains Urava Red Diamonds coach Ricardo Rodriguez

Kamada celebrates a goal for Eintracht with Filip Kastic.Imago/Katherine Muller/Sven SimonWorld
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Leave the misunderstanding behind. maybe that was the big hope Daiichi Kamada (Ehim, 1996) When in the summer of 2018 he saw how a bewildered Eintracht from Frankfurt invited him to mature his football in Belgium, after paying 2.5 million euros for his signing. But not anywhere, but to Sint-Truiden. The historic Belgian club, under the control of Japanese e-commerce company DMM.com, had become a European hub for Japanese footballers struggling to advance their careers. Well Kamada took advantage of this. Not only this, Eintracht’s present fortune passes through his shoes. Even more after the impending sale of Capitoste to Juventus Philip Kostikwho had not traveled to Helsinki.

“Kamada, who left J. League’s Sagan Tosu (16 goals and 11 assists in 80 games) followed the path many Japanese footballers do for Belgium,” points to Spanish coach EL Mundo Ricardo Rodriguez, who enjoys a reputation on the Japanese bench and who was voted the best coach in Japan in 2021 after winning the Emperor’s Cup and the Japan Super Cup in his first season at the helm of the Urawa Red Diamonds. “At Sint-Truiden, Kamada played as a striker. And his good performances (16 goals and nine assists in 36 games) allowed him to return to Eintracht later,” Rodriguez continues. And not a complementary footballer, but a capital piece in the current Europa League champion’s offensive structure.

This has been the Austrian coach Oliver Glasner Who has made the most of the Japanese midfielder, although without detracting from the marked contradiction and irregularity he had with Eintracht last season. Passionate fans of the Eagles, in fact, had become accustomed to joking about the mutation that Kamada suffered every time he stepped away from the interwar routine to face a big European game. Kamada, in fact, scored more goals (five) in the 13 matches played in the previous Europa League than in the 32 matches played in the league tournament (four).

A little more or less than what happened with Eintracht, just eleventh in the previous Bundesliga and 35 points behind champions Bayern, but fiercer in the Europa League, in which the Frankfurt team became champions without losing a game and going to the gutter for Betis . , Barcelona, ​​West Ham and, already in the Sanchez Pizzuan final, after a penalty shootout from Glasgow Rangers (1-1), in which Kamada did not fail.

open field artistic football

« Intract’s 3-4-2-1 is great for Kamada’s style. He is a player with arrival, verticality and quality in the final metre”, explains Ricardo Rodriguez, who considers the drawing key to the artistic football that the midfielder exploits in the open field, but with the opponent of his team, Spain. Not so decisive. Next Qatar World Cup: “Maybe with Japan, as a playwright in 4-2-3-1, Kamada doesn’t look that much.” An important and well-known player. More after winning the Europa League”, concluded Rodriguez.

Kamada, aged 26 and despite vague interest from some Premier League team, is a year away from the end of his contract with Eintracht. For now, the German club intends to expand its ties with the Japanese player, even though the arrival of the revived Mario Götz may compromise his position as an attacking midfielder.

It does not appear that the arrival of the world champions with Germany will upset Kamada, who started the season with two goals against Magdeburg in a first-round victory of the German Cup (0–4), and who, by the way, was the winner of Glasner. The Capitals were the only players not to put their shoes on in a blushing 1-6 in the Bundesliga Premiere against Bayern, with Eintracht confirming the double face Kamada intends to walk away.

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