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Juan Nez, the pearl of Real Madrid, goes to Germany

The 18-year-old base does not renew with the white team and signs up for Ratiopharma Ulm.

Nunez, with the selection.Zippy AragonEFE

life moves on fast John Nunez, In just a few months, and coming of age, they have played the final. cba with real madrid, Used to be European Sub-20 Champion and MVP against rivals two years old; and started with full spanish team, But even this speed is sometimes not enough to save the precipitate separating the white assistant EBA (Spanish Fourth Division), from the first team that aspires to be supreme in Europe. And without a clear future in Goya, Nez decides to take the door. point guard goes RatioPharma Ulm,

nunez His contract with Real Madrid expires this summer And it was seen at the crossroads that so many desi players had met earlier. He is one of Spanish basketball’s great prodigies, a point defender with a vision of the game and an suggestive style reminiscent of the earlier Sergio Rodriguez, But his undeniable talent doesn’t assure him a place in the rotation. not even on the course with which the whites will begin williams-goss and perhaps elosen Injured.

For all future promises, Juan Nez’s reality was the 180 minutes he played in 32 games. less than six per match, Only reached ten out of five. with 18 years He still needs to work on his defense and shooting. And in the current context, where the big teams put together increasingly tall teams to face a calendar of more than eighty games, it doesn’t give them a stable place.

This is the situation in which Juan Nez terminated his contract with Real Madrid this summer. The EBA is prepared for much more than a league’s subsidiary, but not for everything else in a competitor to regular play. Euroleague, The Madrid man had a renewal offer on the table, but there was a buzz in the background (in a recent interview with ”)brand‘, left its continuum in the air) which now crystallizes with the departure of Ratiopharma Ulm.

escape in the white mine

With ACB’s doors ‘closed’ due to right of first refusal, Nunez will make the next move to a trampoline team from Germany: in recent years he has passed Killian Hayes, Javonte Greene or Jeremy Sochan on the way nba, This is a showcase where you will have what you need at this point in your career, safe minutes at the intermediate level (Bundesliga and Eurocup,

Nez is the last pearl of the Real Madrid academy that will seek better luck overseas. In recent months, six players from the team that won the Junior EuroLeague in 2021 have left the club. before the separation of the madrillenians Sediq Garuba (Cartagena), Tristan Vukcevi (partisan), urban clavazari (UCAM Murcia), Baba Miller (Florida State University) and Henry Visery (University of Arizona).

Debut with national team

“I was at home and Carlos Jiménez called me”, said Juan Nez these days, also surprised by his first call with Absolute. Apart from talent, other factors are also in his favor. it was a reward for his great European Under-20, but it’s also an ideal time to let some air out. without Ricky RubioCarlos Alosan (injured), Noro Sergio Rodriguez (withdrawn from the national team), the position of the point guard was limited. Through the same hole that Lorenzo Brown entered, Juan Nez entered.

Nez made his debut against last Thursday Greece which is still his home, vizink center, A little over seven minutes, in which he missed two shots he tried, caught a rebound and delivered an assist. It is believed that his presence is provisional, that the two safe positions in the point guard position are for Brown, nationalized for the purpose of EuroBasket, and quinoa colomWorld champion in 2019. lal can lend a hand as a third option, and even Jaime Fernandez If you finally get a ticket. But in the meantime, Nunez has passed the first two cuts.

Madrid man is one of them 16 players that this weekend he traveled Gran Canaria For the first of two matches to be played against Spain Lithuania, First tonight (7:30 PM) and second on Thursday Vilnius (18:30).

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