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Joseph Edu, ‘The Rock’ by Celta: “They call me ‘King Boobo,’ as brave and strong as a lion” | LaLiga Santander 2021

The central defender had a happy childhood in which he cooked food with his friends. At the age of twelve, he chose football instead of baseball. He is “very good” at table tennis and his role model is former Bayern player Kauffour, so one of his dreams is to play for the German club.

Aidoo, the central part of the Celta.World

He appears on the other end of the video call with an ear-to-ear smile, which is the perfect summary of his character. Because despite having an intimidating body, joseph addo (Tema, Ghana, 1995) All is tenderness and joy. He utters a few words of Spanish out loud, shy, before answering in English for one of the very few interviews he gave in his four seasons at Vigo. turn to rock to protect CelticTo get Benzema and Madrid,

It’s your 4th year at Vigo, what do you like the most?
All in all, although sometimes the weather isn’t good enough. But I come from two countries where it was very cold, very cool. And the food is amazing, I love octopus, it’s my favorite Spanish food.
In the locker room they call him Jose. Is there any other surname?
Yes… (laughs). my friends in ghana call me king boobo, and some employees have found out and call me that too. It is meant to refer to a brave and strong person like a lion.
How difficult is it for an African footballer to move to Europe?
excess. Africa has many talents and it is hard to find a small chance. Mine came when I was in the Ghana U20 team, we played in the African Cup and a team from Sweden showed interest in me. It is also a difficult step because of the cultural issue.
Have you ever faced racism? What would you tell people?
This has never happened to me personally. This is something terrible. Man needs freedom and above all happiness, which is like a medicine for me. You are doing well when you smile at someone.
What is the best and worst thing about being a professional footballer?
The best is when everything is fine and people treat you well. And the worst is when you can’t walk with a little freedom. This happens to me especially when I return to my community in Ghana, where more people know me and it is difficult. I wish everything was more normal as usual.
what hobby passed?
I love bowling and I think I’m really good at ping-pong, although we don’t have tables in the club… Petition to the president (laughs). And then I like any music that allows me to dance.
Many people are surprised by his body. How many kilos can he lift?
(laughter) I don’t pick up! I don’t because I lift a little. People always ask me, but it’s a natural force, it’s not work. Really.
How’s your spanish doing?
Better than before. I watch series and movies in Spanish. Now I am watching The Queen of the South (laughs). Only Spanish was spoken in the locker room and it was a bit difficult for me, as I only hear it here because I speak English at home. It was difficult in my first years at Vigo. I had a teacher who was very rude, I didn’t understand anything, I didn’t speak Spanish at all, I tried to explain the situation to her and she insisted that I tell her in Spanish. But if I don’t say it! (laughter).
how was your childhood?
More Love. We were a lot of kids in the community we lived in. We used to go to a friend’s house to cook food and it was a lot of fun. I’m good at cooking, huh, I can cook anything from Ghanaian cuisine, Fufu, Walkierice jollof… I cook a lot for the family.
How was the financial condition of your family?
We didn’t have them, but I’ve never needed anything. If I ever asked for anything, my father, who is no longer with us, would get it for me. He was a great person and he really helped me a lot. Now playing with your kids brings back many memories.
What is your goal in your sports career?
Be one of the best centre-backs in the world.
Was this your childhood dream?
Yes, although he was very athletic and also played baseball. I think he was good at both sports and dreamed of playing both as a professional, but at the age of 12 he chose 100% football.
Who was his idol?
Samuel Kaffer. I am a Bayern fan because of him and one of my dreams is to play there. But my focus is on Celta. I loved the passion with which he played, I always tried to watch his videos on the internet. I consider myself very passionate, that’s how you get a lot more. And now my idol is my mother, who is in Ghana. Whenever I call her, she starts singing like I was in my childhood (laughs).
And now, Benzema and Madrid.
Champion, great team, but we need points. Benzema? Play as usual, not in a particular way. That would be the best.

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