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Jon Rahm’s love for the British: “Nothing compares to it”

150th anniversary of the Open in St Andrews

Spanish athlete reflects and says the greatest honor in his career for an athlete is to win the Open in St Andrews

Jon Rahm, at the British Open last year.AFP

Jon Rahm did not know the meaning or importance of St. Andrews When I first set foot in the cradle of golf. It was a long time ago, when I was still a playful kid enjoying family vacations. “I think there’s also a picture with my brother putting greenRahm remembers. late 1990s and John’s father Adorta giving his first swing,

Years later, the tables turned and John would give his father a giant gift: share in the Dunhill Lynx Championship together, a European Tour tournament played. Proam, in the tournament, edorta and rahmo They could play all 18 holes at the same time for the first time at the great St Andrews Old Course. “I didn’t do my bestwing That day”, recalls one from Barrika, the gift could not be completed as Rahm made the cut and the family was left without enjoying the old course over the weekend.

“In my opinion, the greatest honor a player can have in his career Win the Open in St AndrewsNothing compares to it. Rahm clarifies: This is the tournament he wants to win. Furthermore, Rahm says the tournament is “very special” and that “many things come together” this year.

St Andrews is a city of barely 20,000 inhabitants highest concentration of golf course. Considered as the ‘cradle of golf’, everything revolves around this game. Every year, thousands of fans make the pilgrimage to play at some of the most famous and historic golf courses; Pub, bookstore, shops, everything is golf. Especially in the summer, when its important university hustle and bustle disappears and even more so in a week when the oldest tournament celebrates its 150th birthday.

“Golf needs to come here”

“I’ve been through a few bookstores with golf history books, that I’d love to go to and buy. But there were a lot of people I didn’t dare go into.” so far experience Stay in St Andrews These are unsuccessful attempts and are reduced to dinner at an Indian restaurant.

If there are weeks where legacy is of more interest than any other, the one that just started is at the top of the rankings. “It’s a tournament that if they pay us zero, we all come out equal, when a lot of things are happening that have changed the dynamics of golf, coming here is something that need golf,

Rahm shows any sign of worry and also put aside for bad results Last weekend at the Scottish Open. “I’m playing well, it can happen any time, I can win any week and it can happen. I’m playing good golf and more pressure than I put myself in, you won’t put me in , I am working for it”, confirmed the Spanish player. He only has one goal in his head this week to “win and win” and the Links courses haven’t been bad for him. “I’ve won two tournaments at Links, I was third at the Open last year and 11th at Royal Portrush,” I’d say I’m pretty good at it,” he concludes, before taking a quick bite to eat and starting another round of exercises.

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