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Joao Flix’s Leap: A Personal Trainer in Ibiza, Market Silence and “Quiet Head” | LaLiga Santander 2021

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The Portuguese began his fourth season in Madrid, confident that this time he could become the team’s flag.

During training, Simeon watches Joao Flix.ATLETICODEMADRID.COM
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Yesterday, a gentleman with sparse brown hair in sports attire watched carefully what was happening in Sector 4 of the Cerro del Espino de Mazadahonda. It was just 9:30 in the morning. The man crossed his arms and fixed his gaze on one of the students of Diego Pablo Simeon, Carlos Sequeira He barely blinked so as not to miss the slightest gesture of his son. Any stir on the grass of Joao Flix, who exchanged jokes in Portuguese reinaldo, during the morning training session before Atletico’s third friendly: the Ramon de Carranza Trophy against Cadiz (9:00 p.m.). The previous afternoon, his brother Hugo (18 years old), who wants to follow in his footsteps in Benfica, left nothing.

Last Saturday, in Oslo, Joao played his first minute since 17 April against Manchester United. A muscle injury (hamstring of the left thigh) forced him out of the scene with six decisive games remaining, as Atlético still had not sealed their ticket to the Champions League. He came in to score six goals and give two assists. The decider was, in the end, a huge month and a half, which coincided with his team’s definitive takeoff at the dawn of that famous League of 14. They say that Joo would have been available if his teammates had risked his skin in those last two days, against Sevilla and Real Sociedad. He also wanted to sign up for that end of the party, but Simeon deemed it unnecessary, as the purpose had already been served. There was no reason to force.

So he didn’t play a game again until last Saturday. It was just over half an hour, but it turned out to be important. His victory was the goal, the best surname, with a shot from outside the box. a gift too salt I failed to make a hole. Or the grass level entrance to retrieve a ball, a few meters from Simeon. The Argentine coach’s smile brightened. A setback at the start of the preseason at Los Angeles de San Rafael delayed the Portuguese’s set-up in time, which was absent in the first friendly against Numania. In Norway he confirmed what he indicated in training.

Griezmann, Threat and Companion

Joao started his fourth season at Atlético. He does it for himself in the middle of an unusual summer, because for the first time (and this is not by chance), his name has not been the subject of rumors. A year ago, for example, it was an initial request from Barcelona to make an exchange with Griezmann possible. The request was always denied by Rosiblanca Noble Zone, who had bet on him personally, with that handsome payout to Benfica. 127.2 million, His connection with the French, despite the fact that his return was previously Scottish, is not in doubt. opposite of this. The Portuguese appreciated and followed many of his advices. He has also come out publicly to stand up for Antoine. That night of March, at Old Trafford, the shirt was symbolically replaced.

Joao, moreover, is convinced that, this time around, he can be the mast of the team and, moreover, a regular. The same idea they hold in metropolitan offices and technical bodies. In a way, that’s why he had a physical trainer waiting for him every morning at nine in Ibiza. His physical strength has nothing to do with the brittle kid coming to Madrid in 2019.

a world cup with cristiano

He suffered injuries during these three courses. He has lost up to 31 games due to various ailments, such as an injury to his right ankle, which forced him to undergo surgery in 2021 and which forced him to start the course three days late.

And although that previous season was amidst injuries and sanctions, in which he played the fewest minutes as Rosiblanco (1,944 minutes), it turned out to be the most eloquent about his ability and the team’s adaptation.

I came young, although I still am, but I have grown up a lot. I am sure I will go further. I have a calm mind and when it happens things will come naturally, he reflected after his exciting half-hour in Oslo. his compatriot was not there Cristiano Ronaldo, whose name has dethroned the Rosiblanca summer desktop, more because of the need to find a Champions League shelter than the interest of Atlético. If all goes smoothly, CR matches (and fights for a position) at that World Cup in Qatar, the first in his career, where he will have a tough fight (diogo jota, Bernard Silva, Bruno Fernandes…) That’s what Joao is preparing for. And the first thing, logically, is to have a flag of your team.

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