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Joao Flix beats Manchester United

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In a more tense friendly than usual, a Portuguese goal gave Atletico victory

Flix celebrates its goal this Saturday.stian lisberg solumEFE
  • to sign Nahuel Molina, ‘2’ whom Simeone yearned to free Atlético

With two weeks and three games to go this season, Atlético de Madrid not only pacified Manchester United, which they reduced to a low expression of insecurities as soon as the first minutes of the attack and on the pitch of the game. adjusted. Oslo’s Ulleval Stadium, but also brought it down through joao flicksWhose restart was decisive (1-0).

His goal in the 86th minute—two touches with the right to add third, shot, from outside the field, far out of reach. David De Gea– expressed the determination of a footballer whose final outburst is still awaited, but no one doubts his circumstances and his talent is everything he wants. is in it. He has shown his undisputed football stages in three years. He needs to continually grow it to be even better.

because it is. Outside the first friendly, last Wednesday in El Burgo de Osma (0–4 win against Numancia), as he did not join the group’s workload until the middle of last week, as the early stages of summer preparations suffered a setback. , this Saturday he reappeared in the 58th minute as the hero of Atletico’s brilliant victory, defeating a team that prepares a lot and whose ‘Premier’ is just a week away.

a game with stress

United began the season on 27 June. The Rosiblanco team, on July 10. He has also played three more preparatory matches with him. Such was also no advantage for Atlético, whose players had barely completed 45 minutes of play in a time distribution for each final Wednesday before this match.

The game was not friendly to use. There was also a hint of Tangana due to rhythm, tension (an ugly gesture with the elbow McTominay to prevent the exit of jan oblakywho then left the foot, or the final expulsion Fred), the breach and ambition of the two blocks showed that this was not an ordinary summer meeting. The competitive spirit of both does not accept average terms. And very little, Atlético de simone,

In the ups and downs of the preseason, Atlético turned around at first, when United surrounded them with almost constant opportunities in the first moments. rashford (Extreme super for a budding artist at times) nahuel molinawho at first suffered behind his back, although he also showed his fine legs and his interesting aggressive vision); tactical (His action called into question Jiménez’s concentration in the first minutes, who lost his way in a rebound that was nothing but him) or lindelofWith a header that had already triggered the alarm in Simone, who was alerted to the vulnerability his team had uncovered.

With a step back from Carrasco, retreated into his rear reinaldo On the left, Atletico became stronger moment by moment, without being everything it claimed to be, but without exposing itself to United’s attacks, which it immediately called off.

He did not try Oblak again to the edge of the break, through Elanga in another place between the red and white defense, which would have been unthinkable within the competition. He barely did so later in the second half.

pending subject

But he has work—and two more weeks—to defend Simeon. The ball that landed against him has stopped him many times, like many times in the last season. And getting the ball out from behind still describes the difficulties.

There is still work to be done in the attack, even though Joao Flix remained firm on his goal. His team did not score in the entire first half. There were two shots: belt You condogbia,

you two out. Also some action by Matthias Cunha at the start of the second half, before relinquishing his place, like the entire starting eleven except for Reynaldo and Oblak, Sergio Dezu, Vaso (from center right), vitselo and Sal, with Reinaldo, in defense of the five; Griezmann, coke, Paul’s and Joao Flix, in midfield; You injuryfront.

Atletico suffered, regardless of the circumstances of that eleven, with many players out of their most natural positions or with an unexpected center of defense formed by Vas-Witsel-Reinaldo, but with United.ericsson Debut in 68th minute) Frustrated as before; Not only that, bow down too.

This was not the first as Sal finished a cross from Joo Flix, who caught the ball in the 86th minute, touched the ball three times and sealed Atlético’s victory … as well as United’s first summer defeat.

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Reference from www.elmundo.es

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