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Joanlu Ponce and the crisis in Spain: “I don’t know what the rest do to make up for that time”

Olympic finalist in 2016 and European medalist in 2018, at the age of 25 he plans to retire to start working out next year

Joanloo Ponce, before the Tokyo Games.brand
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joanloo pons, swimmer or Joanloo Ponce, biologist. The debate is within. At 25, the former European medalist and Olympic finalist doubts whether he will be able to make it to the Paris Games as it is no longer worth it. Maybe it’s better to go to work. Ahead of the Tokyo 2020 Games, he put everything aside, he entered in the morning and afternoon, where he broke his Spanish record and was still released in what would have been his second final. “There’s been a brutal jump in swimming, I don’t know very well what the rest have done to make the timing so much better. In my event, the 400 styles, Michael Phelps’ world record was considered impossible and this year’s Lane Marchand It was so close. It’s unbelievable”, believes Ponce will also seek the podium this Thursday (series morning and final, at 6:16 p.m., by TDP). With Marchand and the absence of the Russians, everything is possible, although he already has something else in mind.

My Hugo Gonzalez, the European champion in 2020, admitted that he too was thinking of making an early comeback. Why does the pool generate so much satiety?
The pool does not forgive, it demands a lot. No matter how talented you are, not every training you do deserves attention and, in the end, you should always train morning and afternoon. You cannot be a part-time swimmer. The system we have in Spain is almost impossible to maintain. Many people are lost when they start university and the rest, like me, when they enter the labor market.
so leave?
Will decide next winter. Because this is where the preparation for the next Games in Paris will begin and I already know what sacrifices I have to make, how much time I have to give. i like the race i’m doing [Microbiologa en la Universidad Autnoma de Barcelona ] And I don’t know if I can take more time off the labor market. In any case, don’t stop swimming, I love to compete, but I’ll do it at another level.
This year I stopped going to the World Cup to focus on my studies.
Yes, one thing gave birth to another. I didn’t train enough to finish the race and I wasn’t comfortable going into the World Cup, especially with the level that was there. Now in this European, despite the fact that the exams have not been so long, I come with more expectations. I was able to prepare better. My goal is to reach my third consecutive European final.
He says he doesn’t know what the other swimmers are doing. What is not done in Spain?
I don’t know, I’m not a technician, but have to study it. Maybe we don’t need to see ourselves in the USA or Australia, who have very reliable systems, very ready. Italy and France are countries that were more or less at the same level as us a few years ago and are now world champions. You have to copy them. Even within Spain the athletics team envy me: they send a great team to all the international championships, they are many and they achieve results within their aspirations.
A few years ago he dared to condemn that the Spanish Confederacy alienated those who did not train miria belmonte,
The feeling is that every technical team that enters the Federation has a plan and each plan is unique: either you’re in or you’re out. Now they have hired many foreign technicians and apparently their philosophy is based on strengthening high performance centers. That’s okay, it’s a good path, but that shouldn’t put the rest away. It is not necessary to keep the eggs in the same basket.
And if the weight of imprisonment in Spain is higher than in other countries.
A lot of time has passed on the physical level. On a mental level, I don’t know. It was a very hard blow for me that the Olympic Games were canceled because I felt that I had lost a year, that a year had been stolen from me. Then I also started training harder, I reached Tokyo very well, I set a record in Spain and dropped out of the top 10. It was very difficult to assimilate.

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Reference from www.elmundo.es

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