Home » Sport » Jiménez refuses to make an aisle at the Derby and Oblak lashes out: “I don’t know where our heads are”. LaLiga Santander 2021

Jiménez refuses to make an aisle at the Derby and Oblak lashes out: “I don’t know where our heads are”. LaLiga Santander 2021

Jiménez refuses to make an aisle at the Derby and Oblak lashes out: "I don't know where our heads are".  LaLiga Santander 2021

After a terrible start to the match at San Mames, the Slovenian goalkeeper took over as captain to attract attention.

During the match, Jan Oblak talks with Matu Lahoz.Ander GilenyaAFP
  • long term Atletico pays for their sins at San Mames and complicates their journey to the Champions League

it is not jan oblaky Those who talk for the sake of talking. If he speaks, he does so to make himself heard. Because he has something to tell. They know this very well in the locker room, where everyone is silent when he raises his voice. This season he has done it publicly on two occasions. Both, after falling against Athletic. Minutes after his exit from the Super Cup, he did so in the press room of Ray Fahd Stadium in Riyadh, and he repeated it with the captain’s armband on the San Mames pitch. He conceded just two goals, one of them due to two team errors, and promised several times in the beginning that he would not repeat.

“I don’t have an answer for what’s happening. My teammates have personality and desire, but sometimes it doesn’t hit the ground. I don’t know what’s going on, but you have to figure out the problem and Gotta enter the Champions League,” he maintained firmly in front of ‘Movistar’ microphone and with a gesture solemnly. Oblak, whose relationship with Atletico expires in 2023, just over a year later, remains one of the most worrying issues in the Rosiblanco offices.

in just 20 minutes, handsome You reinaldo, two of his guards had already seen a yellow card, and he had to pick up the ball from his goalkeeper, after a cross that Hermoso himself poisoned. “I don’t understand it. In the locker room, before the game, everything is perfect. And as soon as we leave we already have two yellow cards. It’s complicated, I don’t know where our heads are, this It wasn’t on the pitch. It can’t be done like that”, he lamented. Slovenian goalkeeper.

“We’re Not Fixing It”

With only four games remaining, Atlético have yet to secure their place in the Champions League, with doubles against Real Madrid and Sevilla at the Metropolitano and against Elche and Real Sociedad at home. Unknown status at this point since the arrival of simone, “It depends on the coaches to start the game well and we are not doing it right. You have to know how to live in difficult moments, which were very few in these ten and a half years, and we will see who is there. It is,” said the coach of Argentina, whose team is in deep trouble. An unexpected goal scoring drought.

Atletico have managed to score only two goals in the last six matches (two in the Champions League). Both, in a painful victory against Espanyol. They have four points of the last 12 at stake. “When you don’t play a good game, you look bad. We will definitely enter the Champions League by winning the four we have left. But we have to give a better version,” said the Slovenian goalkeeper.

The first of the four episodes will take place in a week against Real Madrid at the Metropolitano. against the already crowned league champions. And before the horizon of a possible corridor, Gimenez, one of the captains, it is clear: “I congratulate them on the title. They are just champions. But we have a lot of respect for our fans”. And about the lack of defensive force, he said: “It is clear that it is worrying for a defender when they score a goal. We are not so strong when it comes to defense and it shows. “

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