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Javi’s ‘Jugna’ Speech: Natural, Exciting and Aimed at the Member and Its Employees

Xavi has replaced Barra on the pitch, but has also shifted his public message away from Koman’s defiant tone. “He knows that not controlling the message is like losing the ball,” adviser Mario G. Guerionero says.

FC Barcelona coach Xavi Hernandez.AP

xavi hernandez a. runs for 150 days on the bench of Bara Which has changed not only to promote the dynamism of the game, but also to implement a discourse with which to dispel the confusion of the member, which, moreover, is full of messages for its own players. . a change that leaves behind the defiant tone of Ronald Komen And in line with that is one that is starting to offer a one-time look at growth, which has been accelerated by its supporting results over the past month. His message is beginning to become clear: an era is beginning that is no longer one of total crisis.

Xavi went on fire to recreate a strained and uncomfortable relationship. I knew I needed a motivational, exciting and different message to reach fans and locker rooms., He needed to buy time and chose to mobilize from the press room if it took a while for his idea to be seen in the field. This analysis of the message and the communication of the technician which is done by the doctor in communication to el mundo Mario G. guerrioneroStrategic Director of the consulting firm Comunicar es Ganar.

For Guerionero, Xavi is a gamer, an agitator who has not completely detached himself from his image as a player, attached to the vision of football as he had Cruyff or guardiola, xavi cAbe totally for what he speaks And he starts his matches in the press room with a more natural, youthful, sometimes sly and interventionist style, as he always tries to deliver a headline. We’ve seen it with references to padrea – is exaggerated, a player in capital letters. He reminds me a lot of Anders Iniesta- or Gavic -It’s impressive, it never ceases to amaze us-and he doesn’t hesitate to argue hand-in-hand with the press, even if it means lengthening the answers and losing some communication efficiency, the expert explains, One who sees the development of the more rational discourse of the first days of the other more emotional With the arrival of reinforcements in January and better results.

You have to understand that as a player he has done a lot Interventional coach on and off the fieldAble to launch messages and lift the member from his seat. It’s the stuff he has that might explain why he likes to be intense and the hero. He knows he will be applauded for what happens on the pitch, but also that To lose control of communication is to lose the ball, and then they create opportunities for you.he adds.

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The most obvious challenge was the position the club forced him to take in the case Dembley, The Laporta board shut down the coach in January, what it wanted to start a speech to force for his renewal or his departure. he seemed uncomfortable, Coaches today are the spokespersons of clubs and are also chosen for their ability to protect the interests of the institution at all times. but sometimes it happens mismatch between what they want to project and what the organization wants, This is clearly seen when the focus was on Dembel, he explains.

However, the message he conveyed with the end of the market ended up cementing his work with the French. In his position, working well, he could be the best in the world, Xavi said, shortly before he was given the initial job and his contribution to the team’s game became spectacular.

Victory real Madrid And progress in the Europa League has strengthened the coach and this is reflected in the press conference. He looks more relaxed. It is no longer just about survival nor do you need to stop for the time being and take cover. This is noticeable in the rhythm and cadence of the phrases. It is a pleasant speech, with allusions to moments from the past that have worked to unite and which should serve to encourage the group. smile more and you’ll be considered Very tied to the mood of the locker roomWhich is one of the great audiences he has addressed since coming to the club, warns the advisor.

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