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Javier Embroda, the coach who opened the door for the Spanish basketball legend

Javier Embroda, the coach who opened the door for the Spanish basketball legend

The coach of Uniqaza’s history Melilla entered the selection to the 80’s generation. Together with Pau Gasol and company he won the bronze medal at EuroBasket in Turkey and defeated the USA at Indianalis. He also coached Real Madrid in one of the worst seasons in its history.

Javier Imbroda, during a recent tribute at the Granada Cup.ACB Photo / Emilio Cobos

“Turning the game, like many times,” he used to reply. Xavier Ibroda (Melilla, 1961) While he was interested in the battle of his life, which he had fought against cancer, he always kept in every difficult moment with a good face. Just a few weeks earlier, during the break of the Copa del Rey final, the coach received a heartfelt tribute, with complete dedication to the Granada stand, of all Spanish basketball, of which he was a benchmark. The epilogue of pure emotion.

Because although politics and his beloved Andaluca attracted all the good things of his sociable character in his final years, Imbroda was the dominant figure of the game, of basketball. History of the Uniqaza de Málaga, which he began training in 1984 following his visit to the Colegio La Salle, when it was still Maristas, and led the ACB runners-up a decade later, with that non-triple mike ainsley, Real Madrid also coached, in a terrible year, the 2002–2003 season and, before that, the Spanish coach at the start of the Golden Age, bronze at the EuroBasket in Turkey and fifth at the 2002 World Cup in Indianapolis, the first tournament pau gasoliIndestructible victory against USA team.

Perhaps the easiest thing he’ll ever do in his entire career is to pave the way for talent. His ability, without any stroke, with the naturalness of someone who surrenders to the blessed misadventure of a generation that was about to change everything. Imbroda was the man with whom Pau Gasol, Navarro, Philip Reyes and absolute company -only . landed in bombin 2000 games lolo sinzu, of which Imbroda was an assistant, carried his generation forward—a privileged task he knew how to channel with mastery. with the support of giants like Alfonso Reyes and Alberto HerrerosKnowing what was to come, he integrated those who would soon be world champions.

After that medal, at the pinnacle of their wave, then-turbulent Real Madrid took to the bench to replace Imbroda sergio scariolo, Galactic was the only football in that time, marked by recent failures, a limited budget and constant comparisons with its history. Was George Valdano The man in charge of presenting it, but soon things went wrong until the final catastrophe: the Whites finished 10th in the ACB, not even making the playoffs. It was the worst season ever, even in the first round of the Euroleague. I was fired – “I felt lynched”, he confirmed – and did not train again until 2006 – at which time he worked as a commentator on TVE – to save Valladolid from relegation, something he The latter could not do with Menorca. His Last Journey as a Technician

The legend of Imbroda speaks of 605 games in the ACB – he had another stage at Caja San Fernando, with whom he reached the final of the Copa del Rey in 1999 and finished runners-up in the league, with 315 victories during 17 seasons. 29 as coach national and some bizarre brushstrokes, such as when he was an assistant to the Lithuanian Sabonis and Marsiulionis Barcelona Games. In his good relations with him he was cemented bronze Homicide And a Sabonis who already lives in Málaga: Imbroda was recruited to another vladas garrasta,

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